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How Law Firms Can Leverage New Google Ads Combined Audiences

Have you heard about Google’s latest targeting elements that are now available in the Google Ads platform? Google has quietly rolled out a new combined audience function within their Google Ads platform, which can have a significant and positive impact on your law firms’ Google Ads campaigns. With this new option, legal marketers can fine-tune […]

How Lawyers Can Use Keyword Research to Improve Website Traffic

All online searches begin with someone — maybe a client or a prospect — typing a keyword or (key phrase) into a search engine. Researching and uncovering the common keywords that are used to find out information relevant to your law firm’s services is coveted insight. Lawyers can use keyword research to understand their target […]

How to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Paid Search Keyword List

Your law firm’s digital marketing strategy will include multiple elements, such as paid search. To get the most from your paid search, you need to ensure your keyword list is optimized. Otherwise, you can spend a great deal of money with minimal results. The good news is that it only takes a few steps to […]

The 7 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes Law Firms Make

Advertising on Google can be one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your law firm. However, when the ads aren’t properly tested, the right keywords aren’t selected, or the landing page falls flat Google Ads can be a waste of time and money. There are a lot of components to a successful […]

10 Google Ads Trends for Law Firms in 2019

Google Ads is here to stay, and 2018 was another huge year in this area of digital marketing. As the year comes to a close and 2019 approaches, we want to point out some top trends that the legal industry should be aware of. A Shift from Keywords to Audiences To secure the best performance, […]

How the Google AdWords Rebrand Will Affect Your Law Firm

If you have used Google AdWords as part of your marketing campaign like most law firms, you might want to sit up and take notice. Google is finally revamping the program after nearly two decades. This major rebranding is being launched with the goal of simplification. Even so, several changes may require an adjustment period. […]

A Lawyer’s Guide To Getting Started With YouTube Advertising

YouTube is one of the most influential — yet easily overlooked — advertising channels available on the Internet. For businesses, like law firms, that mainly produce text-based content, it’s easy to forget about the power of video. And with nearly one and a half billion users, YouTube wields considerable power. See: A Law Firm’s Guide […]

What Factors Determine the Position of Your Ad on Google Ads?

Law Firm Pay-Per-Click Advertising  When it comes to law firm pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google Ads is king. The potential reach of Google’s advertising network is unmatched, and with so many targeting and display options, it’s possible to market your law firm to everyone from the people in your local neighborhood to people on the other […]

Remarketing Vs. Retargeting: What's the Difference?

Search Engine Marketing for Lawyers When you get into the digital marketing world you’re bound to run across terms that are unfamiliar. Two terms that generate a lot of questions in search engine marketing for lawyers are retargeting and remarketing. Both are used to describe the idea of connecting with visitors to your law firm’s […]

How Legal Marketers Can Create Landing Pages That Convert

Law Firm Online Advertising If your law firm is using any type of paid online advertising, especially pay-per-click (PPC), an essential part of your marketing strategy should be setting up landing pages that convert visitors from those ads into leads and clients. An effective landing page can mean the difference between a wasted marketing budget […]

AdWords for Lawyers: How to Setup Conversion Tracking

There are few search marketing platforms as effective as Google AdWords for lawyers looking to drive traffic to their firms’ websites. One of the most important parts of launching a campaign (aside from crafting ads that draw traffic) is setting up conversion tracking to measure results. Without conversion tracking, you are basically flying blind. Conversion […]