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A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Law Firms With Online Events

Chances are, as a law firm marketer, events are part of your marketing mix. Whether entertaining clients at a golf event, displaying your attorney’s knowledge at a conference, networking, or getting your brand out there is important as a legal marketer. Do you remember the last event you attended? More importantly, do the people you met […]

How Employee Advocacy Can Boost a Law Firm’s Marketing Efforts

Among the various tools up your sleeve when it comes to promoting your law firm, you should never overlook the importance of employee advocacy. A great deal of employee advocacy will take place over social media. Using social media, employees share their work culture, professional interests, or their job.

The 7 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes Law Firms Make

Advertising on Google can be one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your law firm. However, when the ads aren’t properly tested, the right keywords aren’t selected, or the landing page falls flat Google Ads can be a waste of time and money. There are a lot of components to a successful […]

Top 5 Law Firm Websites

In today’s competitive landscape, it has become even more essential for law firms to dedicate time and effort to building the ideal website. There are many factors that make a “good” law firm website, but today, the emphasis is on how well a website attracts and engages clients. Client-centric law firm websites are user-friendly, attractively […]

4 Benefits of Republishing your Law Firm’s Blog Posts

Consider how much information comes at you in one day. From social media, to RSS Feeds you subscribe to, to email and things that get sent to you throughout the day. It’s easy to research one topic and quickly go down a rabbit hole until you realize you’ve spent an hour reading about something totally […]

How Law Firms Can Handle a Social Media Crisis

Social media has become an ever-present part of our lives. There’s a lot of great things about that, but social media can also be a dangerous place for brands. It seems as though every day some company is in trouble for something that was mishandled online. It’s important to protect yourself and advise your clients […]

Instantly Improve your Law Firm’s Email Deliverability

Email deliverability may not be something you think much about. In fact, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, email deliverability refers to the rate of emails that actually make it into a subscriber’s inbox. With increased security challenges and spam blockers that are more savvy than ever, it’s important to be intentional when sending an […]

Social Media Tools for Law Firms

Social media marketing is easily one of the best ways to reach your law firm’s core demographic without a huge financial investment. It can, however, be both time-intensive as well as have a sizeable learning curve. There are five main categories of this form of marketing and they are: Advertising Creating workflow Management of social […]

Getting the Most from Your Law Firm’s Livestream

Video is becoming a must-have in the content world. It’s increasingly popular and important, and your target audience now expects to be able to find information easily via video media. In a recent survey from Livestream and New York Magazine, results showed that four in five people say they would prefer to view a video […]

Troutman Sanders Launches Client-Centered Site

In an increasingly competitive legal landscape, clients have more options than ever when it comes to choosing the right law firm for their needs. As a result, firms are adapting into more client-centric models which includes focusing on the client in all marketing and business development efforts. In fact, in a recent report by Legal […]

Podcast Ep. 85: Hank Grezlak on Working with ALM’s Newsroom

In this podcast Hank Grezlak of ALM discusses how legal marketers can create and maintain relationships with journalists and how law firms can get media exposure. Podcast Show Notes Hank Grezlak is the Editor-in-Chief for ALM’s Legal Themes, Regional Brands, and He runs ALM’s legal newsroom that produces all of their U.S. legal publications, […]

Podcast Ep. 84: How to Use Schema for Law Firm Websites

In this podcast, Guy Alvarez discusses schema markup and how it can be useful for enhancing your law firm’s search engine optimization efforts. What is Schema? When schema is added to web pages, it enhances rich snippets. Adding schema markup or microdata enables search engines to have a better understanding of what is being discussed […]