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10 Google Ads Trends for Law Firms in 2019

by Kevin Vermeulen • December 13th, 2018 • Search Engine Marketing | Blog

google ads for law firmsGoogle Ads is here to stay, and 2018 was another huge year in this area of digital marketing. As the year comes to a close and 2019 approaches, we want to point out some top trends that the legal industry should be aware of.

A Shift from Keywords to Audiences

To secure the best performance, audience-targeting will become more important than specific keywords. The ability to segment and implement audience data to target the most relevant customers will set companies apart. Taking things a step further, utilizing remarketing to reach top-of-funnel audiences is a key part of a comprehensive strategy.

More Automation and Human Intelligence

Automation isn’t the future – it’s the present! Experts are saying that search engines are using automation more than ever. Google believes that automation makes it easier for a broader range of businesses to be successful search marketers. People in the know suggest leaning in to the Google automation tools. True pay-per-click experts will have the best processes to leverage machines to impact their business.

Changes in Account Management

As mentioned above, AI will continue to transform the way marketers manage their Google Ads strategy. As law firms become more comfortable with specialized tools and machine learning, they will be able to leverage testing, reporting, and measuring to get their firm the best results. Knowing how to utilize automation for processes like new-market analysis, cross-channel strategy, and complex competitor strategies will be increasingly important.

Embracing Cross-Channel Advertising Experiences

While building out multi-channel and multi-device campaigns continues to become easier, reporting on those results and attributing properly remains a challenge. No single attribution model makes sense for every firm, so you’ll need to test a few different reporting structures to see what works. Cross-channel advertising is here to stay, so your best bet is to work cohesively with your data or analytics experts to determine attribution models that help you understand campaign performance.

Ads Aren’t Going Anywhere

Actual ads and the messages users see are obviously as critical as ever. Spend time curating unique selling points and testing various headlines and descriptions, and focus on the cohesion of your messages to help your law firm’s ads stand out from competitors.

You Need Video

Several studies have shown that content with video is interacted with at a much higher rate than content without. Even if you don’t want to put ad spend into video, consider expanding your YouTube efforts. Video has now emerged as a top type of mobile content – it needs to be part of your digital strategy.

Remember Remarketing

For the past few years we’ve heard about the importance of remarketing. Experts suggest investing here because these ads are likely to have higher CTRs and conversion rates. Investing ad spend here will gain you a higher ROI.

Build Brand Loyalty

If you’re like most firms, you have a heavy focus on ROI for your PPC efforts. Going into 2019, try to remember that part of a digital strategy is building awareness for your brand and cultivating brand loyalty. It’s not necessary to make every click profitable if you know that some of them are providing useful segmentation data or building your overall brand.

Increase in Competition

Lawyer related keywords are some of the most expensive to bid on when it comes to Google Ads for law firms. In 2019, it’s only going to become more competitive as law firms invest more in digital. We predict that law firms will start to turn to other forms of digital marketing like paid social and content marketing in order to offset high PPC costs. No longer will Google Ads be a law firm’s only online strategy.

Look Out for the New

As technology advances, so do the ad types, reports, and tools that are available to PPC marketers. You can expect more new advertising functionality, extensions, and features in the tools and platforms you’re already using. In the new year, make it your resolution to stay up to date on emerging trends and technologies.


Google Ads for law firms changed a lot in 2018, but we expect 2019 to be an even bigger year for new strategies. The world of pay-per-click is always changing – but that’s what makes it interesting. If you need help learning the latest advancements to help your company grow, reach out to us for a consultation.

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