Microsite Design & Development

Content marketing for lawyers

Sometimes a single website just isn’t enough.

As the legal industry grows increasingly competitive by the day, law firms are finding it more and more difficult to connect with the online audiences they need to drive business development success.

While maintaining a website that covers the breadth and depth of your practice area offerings is absolutely essential, there may be times when a microsite focused on a particular service, topic, or industry would be better suited to meeting your goals.

Microsite Design and Development

We Build Microsites That Convert

Good2bSocial works with lawyers, law firms, and other legal-centric businesses and organizations looking to better leverage the digital space to acquire new clients and drive revenue.

If your firm wants to differentiate itself from its competitors in a specific practice area or market, we’re ready to help you develop and design one or more microsites that showcase your expertise in a way that will attract and captivate your visitors – and ultimately transform them into valued clients.

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Build a Law Firm Website

How a Microsite Can Benefit Your Firm

When leveraged thoughtfully, a well-developed and attractively designed microsite can be a powerful addition to your overall digital marketing strategy, especially if you need to raise awareness about a particularly competitive practice area or even a specific type of case.

How might a microsite strategy benefit your firm?

Spotlight Expertise

Spotlight Expertise

A microsite keeps your message front and center and clearly communicates your firm’s expertise to a specific target audience in need of that information. Some microsites allow for the ongoing addition of new content that will encourage prospects to visit regularly, while others are associated with a specific, short-term marketing campaign. In either case, your visitors will spend less time searching the site for the information they need and more time being directed toward the microsite’s call to action.

Flexible Design

Flexible Design

Freed from the restrictions of your website templates, you can design a microsite to reflect your content, audience, and message. You decide how closely you want your microsite to resemble your main website or differentiate it to whatever degree suits you.

Friendly Search

Search Friendly

A microsite can help improve your firm’s overall search rankings. Google’s search algorithm prioritizes in-depth, specialized website content. If you create your microsite under the same domain as your main website, the fresh content will also contribute to your main website’s domain authority.

Engaging And Shareable

Engaging And Shareable

By highlighting your microsite on your social media feeds, in email campaigns, and on your website, you’ll direct visitors to content they can share easily across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., resulting in more traffic to your microsite.

How We Do Microsite Design and Development

If a microsite is going to help your firm acquire new business, it must offer your target audience valuable, client-centric information that will inspire visitors to interact and engage with your firm.

So how does Good2bsocial do microsite design and development for law firms?

Phase I: Mission Plan/Strategy

We begin by leveraging the latest research methods to help us better understand your audience’s motivators, behaviors, and perceptions. Once we know your target audience, we can develop a user experience strategy to drive lead generation, new client acquisition, and revenue.

Phase II: Design Process

Our #1 goal for your microsite is to develop a graphical representation that uniquely defines your firm and separates you from the competition. Unlike many other agencies, we start with one design concept at a time. This enables us to fully direct our creative efforts to that specific concept rather than wasting time on multiple creative compositions you won’t use. This process offers our clients maximum value by saving time, resources, and dollars.

Phase III: Microsite Build

Once you’ve approved the design concept, we’ll begin building out your microsite. After the build is complete, our quality assurance team will conduct extensive testing to ensure compatibility on all major browsers, as well as PC and Mac. Once we’ve finished our review, your internal team will have a chance to conduct its own review.

Phase IV: Usability Standards, Testing, and Launch

Once we launch a test version of your microsite, we will conduct comprehensive usability testing and make the appropriate tweaks to the site to improve the overall user experience. We’ll only launch your microsite once we’re satisfied that it will perform to your firm’s expectations. Depending on your firm’s specific needs, we can also assist with copywriting and editing. If you want to connect with a multilingual audience, we can even work with you to create microsites in as many languages as you require.

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