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9 Ways Legal Service Providers Can Revive Disengaged Leads

Losing leads is a very real – and very frustrating – part of business. Even if you have done everything correctly and are executing a well-planned strategy to engage leads, eventually some of them are bound to go cold. Whether they went with another company, have new budget limitations, or even changed jobs – you […]

Twitter for Legal Vendors: Becoming Part of Lawyers’ Conversations

In addition to paid advertisements on Twitter, legal vendors can use this social media platform in many other ways to become part of lawyers’ conversations, promoting their businesses in the process. You will want to follow many of the same guidelines and advice that those in other industries should. However, target your techniques so your […]

Conference ROI: How Legal Vendors Can Make the Most of Events

Once you’ve made the investment to attend a conference, there’s no turning back. We’ve all been to events where we’ve seen booths that are packed with traffic…..and those that are empty with staff standing around chatting only to each other. The problem is, if you end up in one of those latter booths, your wasting […]