Category: Measurement and Analytics

How to Measure and Boost Law Firm Marketing ROI

You cannot simply run a digital marketing campaign for your law firm and then leave it alone. You need to pay attention to the results, including return on investment (ROI), to determine whether the campaign was a success. Information related to ROI can also help you figure out whether you should continue running the campaign as-is […]

How Law Firms Can Set Up Google Analytics for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms among legal marketers. WordPress websites tend to be easier to create, simple to maintain, and provide a great user experience for visitors. However, in order to improve your lawyer web marketing efforts, it’s important to understand how people behave once they arrive at your pages. The best […]

How to Use Twitter Analytics for Law Firms

Any form of analytics can help your law firm’s strategy. Most social media platforms offer some level of analytics, and Twitter’s is particularly powerful. Many people don’t take advantage of them because they simply aren’t aware of their capabilities. Here’s how you can go beyond the basics of your law firm’s Twitter analytics.  Why Should […]

Marketing for Attorneys with Attribution Modeling

A client’s relationship with your firm is more complex and multilayered than ever. Chances are that before they sign a contract with you, they’ve been exposed to social media, website content, thought leadership, possibly campaigns such as email or paid promotions, and more. There’s no doubt that integrated marketing is more effective than traditional methods […]

How Law Firms Can Use Google Search Console

Appearance remains a common thread of acceptance in too many facets of life. It’s cliché and sad but true. Unless you’re a Kardashian, how you look on the internet is a daily make-or-break decision. While many tools exist to influence marketing choices for your law firm and its website, another one to consider is the […]

Measuring the Success of a Law Firm Marketing Campaign

Extrapolating data about your law firm’s marketing campaigns is very easy; however, interpreting what you learn may leave some feeling lost in a sea of acronyms, numbers, and industry jargon. Most people would see 500 likes on a Facebook post and call it a smashing success. In some cases, it most certainly is a great […]

9 First-Party Data Capturing Opportunities for Law Firms

The advertising industry largely relies on third-party consumer data. Obtaining information about prospective clients from third-party providers allows law firms to reach beyond their existing audiences and grow. Expanded insights about audience preferences and behaviors enable law firms to fine-tune their ad campaigns and create more personalized experiences. But between the crackdown on third-party cookies […]

9 of the Top Marketing Analytics Tools for Law Firms

If your law firm is spending money on digital marketing, it’s worth knowing how those activities are performing. In order to do so, you must employ one or more digital marketing analytics tools. However, we know that there are many different marketing analytics tools available that will capture and track data about your marketing campaigns. […]

15 Blogging Insights Your Law Firm’s Analytics Can Tell You

Chances are, you already know that blogging is a crucial component of your law firm’s digital marketing strategy. A well-developed blog can increase web traffic, bring in new leads, and nurture relationships with your target audience. The problem is, it’s not always easy to know if those things are actually being accomplished. How do you […]