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Podcast creation for law firms is growing in relevance with over half of the U.S. population regularly tuning in. More and more law firms are leveraging this medium to connect with their target audience and establish their attorneys as thought leaders in their practice areas. 

If your firm’s not already airing a podcast to drive marketing success and further your business objectives, it’s probably time to consider doing so. We provide podcast creation for law firms across the country and most practices. Learn more.

podcast creation for law firms

Thinking of Starting a Podcast? We Can Help.

At Good2bsocial, we’ve experienced firsthand just how powerful podcasts can be from a marketing perspective.

Along with helping numerous law firms produce successful podcasts, we regularly air our own, Legal Marketing 2.0, which now counts more than 7,000 subscribers.

If your firm is thinking of producing a podcast, but you’re unsure where to start, we’re more than ready and willing to help.

Connect with us today.

podcast creation for law firms

How Law Firms and Lawyers Benefit from Podcast Creation

When consumers search for lawyers and legal services, they’re really searching for knowledge and expertise they don’t possess themselves. 

Podcast creation for law firms offer an intimate medium for establishing your attorneys’ thought leadership with a highly engaged audience. Along with blogs, white papers, and videos, podcasts also provide a unique way to assure potential clients of your firm’s credibility and humanize its brand in their eyes.

Producing a podcast also gives you an opportunity  to interview diverse and interesting guests whose expertise and values align with your own. If there’s someone your firm’s been wanting to connect with in hopes of establishing a meaningful relationship, you can invite them to be a guest on your podcast. Hearing from guests also provides valuable and fresh insight to your listeners and broadens your podcast’s reach.

Finally, the podcasting space is far less crowded than other channels for content marketing. While there are over 500 million blogs available on the Internet, there are only about two million podcasts.

podcast creation for law firms

How We Do Podcast Production for Law Firms

While we’re big believers in podcasting, we also know that creating and promoting a quality podcast takes considerable time, skill, and effort that many firms don’t have.

Fortunately, Good2bSocial offers full-service podcast production and promotion for lawyers and law firms:

Develop a strategic podcasting plan to allow your firm to derive meaningful ROI from its content marketing efforts.

Recommend the necessary equipment needed to create and produce the podcast.

Provide a template for reaching out to potential podcast guests.

Provide a template for your intro and outro messages.

Research and choose, with your approval, a royalty-free jingle to accompany the introduction and conclusion.

In post-production, our audio engineer will edit each podcast episode to smooth out the rough edges and add your royalty-free jingle.

Identify a hosting service to host all episodes of the podcast.

Connect the podcast to the firm’s website and podcast platforms.

Publish the podcast across all top directories, including iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and SoundCloud.

Transcribe every podcast episode so it can be repurposed for blogs, presentations, and other content marketing channels.

Compose the podcast show notes, a written summary of the episode, which can be used for a blog post and other promotional efforts.

Develop a podcast promotional strategy that includes social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and online marketing

Measure the effectiveness of your podcasts and provide guidance on improving your results.

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