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Are Law Firm Intranets becoming Irrelevant?

“Be Social or Be Irrelevant!” That phrase was coined by Vala Afshar, Chief Customer Officer and CMO of Enterasys Networks, when he wrote a blog post for The Huffington Post about the importance of hiring employees that use social media to build their personal brand. The very same thing could be said about the traditional […]

Are Enterprise Social Networks Creating More Silos?

One of the leading value propositions of an Enterprise Social Network “ESN” is that it enables organizations to break down silos. The idea behind the implementation of an ESN is a good one. You set up an internal network where everyone in the company can see what everyone else is working on and that leads […]

How Can Social Technologies Help with Post Merger Integration?

Aaaah! The joys of fall. The leaves are turning, there’s a cool breeze in the air, kids are getting ready for Halloween, and the smell of mergers is in the air…. Wait? What? Yes, that’s right.  This fall we’re hearing lots of chatter about new possible mergers in the works in the legal marketplace.  It […]

Five Tips for Measuring the ROI of Your Internal Social Network

One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a social business consultant is, “How do I measure the value of my internal social network?“ With 70% of the Fortune 100 reporting that they have launched an internal social network over the last year, it is no surprise that so many people are trying […]

Is Social Collaboration the Key to Associate Retention?

Meet Charles Newbie. Charles is a first year associate at an Am Law 100 law firm. Charles has been given the task of researching whether or not a client violated Section 19(b)(1) and Section 19(g)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act as well as Section 17(a) and Rule 17a-1 when it failed to promptly provide information requested by […]

Why Professional Services Firms need Enterprise Social Networks

Has the effective transfer of tacit knowledge become a reality? Thirteen years ago we lived in a different world. The hot buzzword back then was Knowledge Management. KM as defined by Wikipedia “comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organisation to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. Such insights and experiences […]

Insider Tips to Successfully Launch an Enterprise Social Network

Launching a successful Enterprise Social Network (“ESN”) is not about technology. It’s about people Let me repeat that. Launching a successful Enterprise Social Network is not about technology. It’s about people. As a social business consultant, I have been a part of ESN deployments at three different companies. The first one did not go great. The […]

Seven Value Propositions of Enterprise Social Networks

By now most companies are aware of the value of social media marketing. Many companies have set up their presence on the public social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube… Some are even taking advantage of the newer social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Marketers are busy monitoring their brands and writing remarkable content […]