Good2BSocial brought a combination of practical web development tactics, best practice recommendations, and legal industry knowledge to CDS’s website redesign project. As a result of the new site, we give our prospects a clear story of who our team members are along with the services we provide, resulting in a five-fold increase in our conversion rate.

Kate Hutchinson
Founder, Director of Marketing

Kate Hutchinson, Founder, Director of Marketing at CDS

Good2bSocial has been incredibly successful in crafting our content strategy, managing social, and driving digital marketing campaigns to grow the firm. They are proactive in digging deeper to offer – and execute on – creative, forward-thinking solutions and activities that help the firm raise its profile and acquire new clients. We’ve been especially pleased with the number of quality leads the firm has been able to consistently acquire based on organic search and paid efforts, such as Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. Both the management and entire team at Good2bSocial are engaging, responsive, and generous with their time and expertise. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Evan S. Schwartz, Esq.
Schwartz Law PC

Evan S. Schwartz, Esq. Founder Schwartz Law PC

Good2bSocial has helped my firm in so many different ways. They created a social media presence for my company as well as put my firm on the first page of many Google searches through search engine optimization. Their attention to detail and dedication to helping my firm succeed has made me extremely happy with their work. They helped me create, host, and promote a webinar that allowed me to generate new leads.  I would encourage any law firm that is looking to gain more clients to hire Good2bSocial.

Leslie Schreiber
Leslie Schreiber, P.A.

Leslie Schreiber, Founder Leslie Schreiber, P.A.

Good2bSocial has been instrumental in helping me get the most value out of the time and effort I invest in content marketing and social media efforts. Starting with the design and development of a new microsite, and then enhancing my LinkedIn profile and activity, Good2bSocial has helped me to augment my reputation as a thoughtful voice in my areas of practice. One of the advantages of working with Good2bSocial is their understanding of the practice of law combined with their knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and social media. I highly recommend Good2bSocial to any lawyer who is looking to generate real business results out of their marketing and business development efforts.

Judy Selby
Former Partner
Baker Hostetler

Judy Selby, Former Partner Baker Hostetler

Good2bSocial’s informative, yet approachable, training on social media, SEO and Google Analytics helped our entire team better understand and then implement best practices for our site and mobile platforms.

Leslie Gross
Director of Communications
Saul Ewing

Leslie Gross, Director of Communications at Saul Ewing

When I was appointed to serve as Technology Coordinator for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, one of my top priorities was to improve our organization’s social media presence. After a great deal of research and interviewing several companies, the AAML selected Good2bSocial for our social media, newsletter, and related needs. Good2bSocial have been great to work with, and I am very pleased with the results thus far.

Ben Stevens
Technology Coordinator
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Ben Stevens, Technology Coordinator at American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Working with Good2bSocial has completely revolutionized the customer-facing profile of my business. From designing a web/social-media strategy and platform, to full implementation, to on-going consulting, coaching and fine-tuning, I never knew all the things I was doing wrong until Good2bSocial showed me how easy it is to do it right.

Brian Schachter, Esq.
Schachter & Levine, LLP

Brian Schachter, Esq., Founder Schachter & Levine, LLP

Good2BSocial has helped our firm to significantly increase the number of leads we are receiving from our digital marketing efforts. Through their work, managing our social media, SEO and PPC campaigns, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of conversions and as a result new clients. The team at Good2bSocial provides excellent service to our firm and functions as an extension of our marketing team. I highly recommend Good2bSocial.

Jonathan S. Damashek
Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C

Jonathan S. Damashek, Partner Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C

Good2BSocial  has far exceeded our expectations as the firm’s social media consultant. I have been trying for years to truly comprehend the power of social media and web analytics, and now working with Good2bSocial I am much better prepared to make good decisions. Their team is responsive, honest and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable. Within a short amount of time, Good2bSocial developed a social media strategic focus for our firm which we are currently implementing. We consider the Good2BSocial team to be in integral part of our team as they contribute rock solid ideas and strategy for our social media activity.

Cory B. Cullen
Director of Marketing
Hopkins Carley

Cory B. Cullen, Director of Marketing at Hopkins Carley

We had a very positive experience working with Good2bSocial. They were tasked with rewriting the content and copy of our website, and redesigning it from top to bottom. Besides the finished product being outstanding, they managed the process well by being communicative and setting expectations. They listened carefully to our goals, and proposed several different ideas and concepts to accomplish our mission. They are a great partner and we recommend them 100%.

Keith Fall & Ross Weil
Walker & Associates

Keith Fall & Ross Weil, Partner Walker & Associates

Good2bSocial has opened up my eyes to the power of social media as applied to professional services. They combine media savvy with an analytic rigor and creative energy. I would highly recommend Good2bSocial to any organization/individual keen to tap into the business potential of social media.

Mark A. Cohen, Esq.
Adjunct Professor
Georgetown University Law Center

Mark A. Cohen, Esq., Adjunct Professor Georgetown University Law Center

Good2bSocial has been instrumental in helping us grow our digital footprint and expand our reach on social media. Their proven methodology and innovative use of technology has enabled us to reach a larger number of readers and also to provide added value to our existing contributors. I highly recommend working with Good2bSocial.

Kristin Calve
Corporate Counsel Business Journal

Kristin Calve, Publisher at Corporate Counsel Business Journal

Good2bSocial has been a terrific resource for our marketing department and attorneys, helping us understand the ins and outs of social media for law firms. Through group and individual training sessions and consultations, Good2bSocial has supported us during the development and launch of a practice-specific microsite and two blogs, and has continued to help us navigate the world of social media well after launch. Guy’s experience as a ‘recovering lawyer’ helps him connect with our lawyers and address their questions and concerns about the use social media.

Jenni Dickson
Business Development and Marketing Manager
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

Jenni Dickson, Business Development and Marketing Manager

The team at Good2bSocial are forward-thinking experts on not just how to market, but when to market, and what content to provide to effectively get your message across. As social media has come of age and into the forefront of marketing, Good2bSocial is perfectly positioned to harness that power. Good2bSocial has guided me and my firm through redesigning of our website, and made that website an interactive, information providing website and note just an online brochure. Good2bSocial has set up an editorial calendar to help my firm both create content and curate content to the maximum potential of our clients. Good2bSocial have managed the delivery over various forms of social media to its best effect. I’d recommend Good2bSocial without reservation.

Joshua Brinen, Esq.
Managing Partner
Brinen & Associates

Joshua Brinen, Esq., Managing Partner Brinen & Associates

Good2bSocial helped our small law firm build, and trained us to execute, a social media strategy. They are extremely knowledgeable about social media as it applies to lawyers and offered concise and targeted advice that helped us execute our strategy quickly and efficiently. Good2bSocial was a pleasure to work with and we appreciated the attention to detail and willingness to work around our schedules and needs. Their advice has added incredible value to our growing business and I would wholeheartedly recommend Good2bSocial’s services to any law firm or lawyer looking to expand their social media presence.

Esther Farkas, Esq.
Co-Founder and Partner
Farkas & Neurman PLLC

Esther Farkas, Esq., Co-Founder and Partner Farkas & Neurman PLLC

Good2bSocial has been an excellent resource to our business in creating winning social media strategies. Good2bSocial jumped-started our efforts to attract customers and build engagement online. Good2bSocial was able to quickly dive into our challenges and make solid recommendations that could be implemented quickly. We have already seen results.

Maura Donovan
Vice President, Marketing

Maura Donovan, Vice President, Marketing at Lexis-Nexis