Conversion Rate Optimization

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You spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working to bring visitors to your law firm’s website. But all the traffic in the world won’t be worth much unless every element of your site is optimized to convert those visitors into actual clients.

Yet, in a world where Google Ads, SEO, and social media dominate the landscape, conversion rate optimization rarely gets the attention it deserves.

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We Can Solve Your Conversion Issues

Good2bSocial works with lawyers, law firms, and other legal-centric businesses and organizations looking to better leverage their websites to achieve their business development goals.

If your firm’s site is generating traffic but hasn’t delivered much in the way of new clients, we know how to help.

Connect with us today, and let’s talk conversion rate optimization.

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The Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization describes strategies and processes intended to increase the overall percentage of website visitors who take the next step – download an ebook or whitepaper, register for a webinar, reach out to schedule a free consultation, etc. – along their client’s journey.

When approached thoughtfully, these tactics can benefit your law firm’s overall digital marketing efforts in several key ways:

Improved Audience Insights

Improved Audience Insights

Effective conversion rate optimization requires an in-depth understanding of your target audience and the factors that will encourage them to convert. This research can also be leveraged to inform and improve every other aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

Lower Client Acquisition Costs

Lower Client Acquisition Costs

Ensuring your website is optimized for conversions will allow your firm to derive more value from the visitors who’ve already discovered it. You’ll gain more conversions and revenue from your existing traffic, lowering your overall client acquisition costs.

Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience

Conversions rate optimization weeds out what isn’t working and eliminates any issues on your site that might be discouraging conversions. Tactics aimed at enhancing each visitor’s user experience will encourage prospects to continue engaging with your firm and perhaps even share your content as they continue along their client journey.

Improved SEO

Improved SEO

Google’s algorithm favors websites offering a stellar user experience. The time and effort spent on conversion rate optimization could ultimately push your site higher up the search rankings and deliver even more traffic for you to convert.

How We Do Conversion Rate Optimization for Law Firms

So how do we do conversion rate optimization for law firms?

All of our conversion rate optimization strategies are tailored specifically to meet your needs, and our executions are based on real data and extensive research into your target audience.

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