google Adwords rebrandIf you have used Google AdWords as part of your marketing campaign like most law firms, you might want to sit up and take notice. Google is finally revamping the program after nearly two decades. This major rebranding is being launched with the goal of simplification. Even so, several changes may require an adjustment period.

Since AdWords was first launched 18 years ago, quite a lot has changed. Social media has allowed everyone to be their own publisher, mobile has become mainstream, and video content has gone viral. Because of all these changes, businesses in all sectors, including the legal industry, have had to adjust their digital marketing strategies. This is precisely why Google has made the decision to also rebrand its marketing, publishing, and advertising platforms.

Simplified Advertising

The goal behind the move is to simplify marketing and advertising while also making collaboration and integration simple. Although this is certainly a tall order, Google seems to have everything well under control. Moving forward, Google AdWords will be known as Google Ads. Furthermore, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will merge with Google Ad Manager. DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite will operate under Google Marketing Platform. Under the Marketing Platform program, users will see a new Integrations Center. Here, you can view the many ways it’s possible to connect to your Google tools.

Because of these changes, there will no longer be a need to use multiple platforms simply to evaluate your ads’ performance. Google hopes that the easier the process is for users, the better the results will be and the more appealing it will be to companies to actually use online advertising. If you have been sitting on the fence about using online advertising for your law firm, this might make it easier for you.

Smart Campaigns

Additionally, Google will introduce Smart Campaigns. This addition will become the default mode for marketers. In this mode, advertisers can identify the specific actions that should be prioritized, whether that’s purchases, visits, or phone calls. Machine learning will then be used to optimize text and images. The goal is to drive more of the advertiser’s actions that have been prioritized. As a result, it should become much easier for your law firm to focus on seeing results from the actions you want rather than wasting resources on the actions that are not as important to your marketing campaign.

Smart Campaigns is designed using the same technology behind AdWords Express. Custom-made specifically for small business owners, Smart Campaigns is intended to help you create ads quickly and easily. In fact, you can create effective ads within just a matter of minutes, which is ideal for busy law firms that need to get the word out about their services but who have little time to create complicated ads. This was actually the premise behind AdWords Express. Although the predecessor certainly was fast, it often wasn’t highly effective. This was because advertisers had little control. Machine learning handled everything. The idea behind Smart Campaigns is that small businesses typically want to drive visits, calls, and conversions. Smart Campaigns still automates the process to a large degree, but advertisers also can create campaigns manually for specific purposes. Keep in mind that once the automatic controls are removed, you will likely need to incorporate quite a bit of supervision for a manual ad to be successful.


Overall, the goal of this rebranding move is to lower the entry barrier to digital advertising while increasing the number of opportunities made available to businesses. Ultimately, the biggest change here relates to strategy. To be successful in online marketing, it’s imperative for your law firm to go where your clients are. Google’s rebranding should make that much easier while requiring less of your time to stay on top of your digital advertising campaigns.

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