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14 Tactics That Law Firms Can Use To Improve Their Webinars

72% of marketers believe that webinars have a direct impact on revenue. Since the pandemic, many industries have seen the value in conducting webinars, including law firms. But putting on a successful webinar is a lot easier said than done. Just simply setting up a Zoom meeting isn’t enough, law firms should work to implement […]

10 Ways to Prevent Your Law Firm’s Webinar From Being a Snooze-Fest

Webinars are great for so many reasons. They make for a great lead magnet, they’re wonderful marketing tools, they can be saved and repurposed, and they showcase expertise. If you’ve decided to make webinars part of your law firm’s marketing or business development process, chances are you understand the benefits. The problem is, many law […]

Legal Marketing Tools: Top Webinar Software Services for Law Firms

We are in truly unprecedented times. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, professionals across the globe are adjusting to a remote-working environment.  At the same time, good communications and a strong outreach are more important during times like these. With the changing work environment we have been receiving many inquiries regarding law firm webinars […]

How to Plan and Promote a Law Firm Webinar

Why a Law Firm Webinar? The best way for lawyers to market their practice is by sharing their knowledge and experience. Many law firms do this by creating thought leadership content, speaking at conferences, or hosting podcasts. One of the best ways lawyers can demonstrate their knowledge and experience is to create a law firm […]

5 Ways to Boost Law Firm Webinar Attendance

Webinars are a great way for law firms to showcase the knowledge and experience of their lawyers, while also collecting qualified leads in order to grow their database. However, successfully promoting and executing a webinar can prove to be challenging for law firms, especially if you don’t generate the results that you were hoping for. […]

Tips for Putting on a Successful Webinar for Your Firm

A webinar is an online presentation meant to provide the audience with valuable information. Thought leadership is vital to positioning lawyers as experts in their practice areas which is why a webinar is an ideal opportunity to share your law firm’s specialized knowledge. Typically a webinar consists of a presenter speaking while the audience listens, […]