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Top 10 Takeaways From ABA TECHSHOW 2017

Every year when ABA TECHSHOW rolls around it feels like summer camp–seeing old friends and making new ones. The Windy City may be frosty outside in March but it’s warm and sunny inside: one of the best “relationship” conferences for solos, small firm lawyers, and legal techies. Let’s get right to some of the top […]

A Post-Minksy Moment for Law?

Having survived a severe downturn in the years following the 2008 financial collapse, the legal business today remains unsure of its footing, stuck in a mode of transition and uncertainty.

The Future of Law: A Legal Visionary Pivots

In the course of our work as consultants in the legal market we have a chance to meet many interesting and talented people who are spurring innovation and driving market transformation. Mark Cohen is one of the standouts in this category. He is one of the most insightful people we know when it comes to […]

What Big Law Can Learn from Small Law?

One bit of intelligence we’ve gleaned from our research in the US and UK is that small law firms are just as active in the social arena (if not more so) than large law firms are. So this year, as we are in the midst of compiling a new Social Law Firm Index, we are going […]

Less Is More as Even White Shoe Firms Begin to Opt for the Shoebox

A recent article in the American Lawyer confirms a trend that we have long suspected was underway. In their latest real estate roundup AmLaw reports that firms are increasingly making due with smaller amounts of office space. (See the AmLaw story here.) The report quotes no less an expert than Sherry Cushman (the managing director of one […]

How Law Firms Stand to Benefit as Social Technology Matures

The MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte have released their joint 2014 Social Business Global Executive Research Study. The major theme discussed in the report is the growing maturity of social business practices in the corporate world as more and more companies are moving beyond the marketing-focused orientation that characterizes the earlier stages of social […]

Disruption SmackDown!

Jill Lepore (a Harvard history professor) has launched a broadside attack on Clayton Christensen in the most recent issue of The New Yorker. It’s a lively piece and highly entertaining if you go in for intellectual smackdowns. And now Christensen has fired back with a response of his own giving us all choice ringside seats […]

The Social Law Firm 2014: A Work-in-Progress

We first used the phrase The Social Law Firm about a year ago in a post on this blog. (You can read the original post here.) For us the phrase crystalizes an important idea and points to an emerging trend in the legal market. As law firms continue to face intense competitive pressures, the tools […]

How Will Technology Impact the Law Firm of the Future?

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I had a chance to catch up on my reading while lounging by the pool. Of particular note was the new report released by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), entitled Legal Technology Future Horizons.  The report is a hefty 140 pages and lured me on with the promise to  “provide […]

The Perils of Incumbency

Over the long weekend I had a chance to catch up on some reading. At the top of the stack I found the Innovation Report from the New York Times – this is the internal strategic assessment prepared by a team of Times’ staffers under the leadership Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, the publisher heir apparent. This […]

Hacking the Law: Evolution or Revolution?

What is the future of legal technology? Will it evolve over time or will it be violently disrupted by a series of events? Last Friday, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of what the future of legal technology might hold when I attended an all day conference at my alma mater,  Brooklyn Law […]