Programmatic Advertising

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Frustrated with online ad campaigns that never deliver anything other than lackluster results?

Maybe it’s time you considered a more “programmatic” approach.

Programmatic advertising relies on algorithmic tools and automation to ensure online ads connect with the right person, in the right place, at precisely the right time. It hasn’t just revolutionized how ads are bought and sold in the digital space; it’s increasingly viewed as an essential component of an effective digital marketing strategy.

Bottom line? If your firm hasn’t made the move to programmatic advertising, you’re at risk of falling behind.

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Ready to Pull the Lever on Programmatic Advertising?

When added to your marketing mix, programmatic advertising can significantly increase the number of quality leads that find their way to your firm’s website, ultimately resulting in a far superior ROI than you’re likely to see with a more traditional approach. 

However, successful programmatic advertising requires a significant investment of time, along with the expertise to effectively manage campaigns.

The Good2bSocial team has years of experience helping lawyers, law firms, and legal-centric companies and organizations effectively leverage online ads to achieve their business development goals. If your firm is ready to pull the lever on programmatic advertising, we’re more than willing and able to help.

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Programmatic Advertising: The Basics

Programmatic advertising relies on machine learning to buy digital ads in real time.

While manual bidding can take hours and even days, programmatic buying platforms – Demand Side Platforms or DSPs – reduce the bidding process to milliseconds. Advertisers place bids on an Ad Exchange, which manages the complicated operations between DSPs and Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs). The interaction between a DSP and SSP determines when and where ads are placed and how much is spent.

It’s a common misconception that programmatic advertising is limited to display ads. But the fact is, just about any digital ad format can be purchased programmatically: native and video placements, mobile display ads, in-app ads, digital audio ads through podcasts and streaming services, paid search,  paid social, and more.

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How Programmatic Advertising Benefits Law Firms

Programmatic advertising offers lawyers, law firms, and legal marketing professionals significant benefits over traditional forms of digital advertising.

A few of the most impressive include:

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