Innovative and Impactful Digital Tactics to Help Law Firms Grow their Practice.

While today’s firms can deploy a range of tactics capable of generating leads and driving conversion, many lack the resources to wield those tools for maximum effect.

Good2bsocial helps lawyers, law firms, and legal marketers leverage cutting-edge digital tactics to reach and engage with their target audience and differentiate themselves from their competitors. With several decades of experience in online legal marketing, we’re uniquely positioned to ensure firms can effectively communicate their specialized knowledge and expertise to the potential clients most likely to convert.

Social Media Management and Monitoring

Our approach to social media focuses on creating, promoting, and curating content, engaging your target audience, and monitoring your platforms to ensure you’re getting the results you want and need.

Search Engine Optimization

From landing pages and link-building to ongoing optimization and monitoring, we’ll ensure you’re in the best position to earn Google’s top rankings and attract more organic traffic to your site.

Content Marketing

We’ll work with you to create and disseminate high-impact content capable of informing, educating, and captivating your target audience in ways that will inspire engagement.

Social Media Advertising

Our experts will help you leverage social media advertising to expand your firm’s reach beyond its already-established following, build brand awareness, and ultimately acquire new clients.

Google Advertising

As a certified partner for both Google Ads and Google Analytics, we’re uniquely positioned to help your firm realize the best possible return on your Google advertising investment.

Programmatic Advertising

By taking a programmatic approach to advertising, we can help you significantly increase the number of quality leads that find their way to your firm’s website, ultimately resulting in a far superior ROI than you’re likely to see otherwise.

Podcast Creation for Law Firms

We offer a full slate of podcast production and promotion services that will allow your firm to leverage this increasingly popular medium to drive marketing success and further its business objectives.

Video Production

We can work with you to script, plan, and produce compelling videos that effectively tell your firm’s story, showcase the expertise of its attorneys, and resonate with its target audience in ways that foster engagement.

Webinar Production

In addition to hosting many successful webinars of our own, Good2bsocial also has extensive experience working with clients to produce successful webinars that add to their credibility and strengthen relationships with their target audience.

Email Marketing

We can help your firm achieve a superior ROI from its email marketing efforts by streamlining and automating your processes while at the same time helping to increase the size and loyalty of your subscriber base through the delivery of highly personalized content that potential clients want and need.

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