Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Digital technology has rapidly altered the legal marketing landscape.

Firms lacking a baseline understanding of the latest and most effective digital tactics and methods simply can’t expect to thrive in today’s increasingly online world.

Also non-negotiable? An omnichannel digital marketing strategy optimized for the many opportunities and challenges unique to the legal marketplace. 

In other words, a roadmap for what you want to accomplish and how you intend to get there.

Law Firm Website Content and Optimization

Engage Your Target Audience. Gain a Competitive Edge.

Good2bSocial helps lawyers, law firms, and other legal-centric businesses and organizations better leverage their digital footprints to reach and engage with their target audiences and differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

If you’re seeking to make the most of your digital marketing assets, we can help.

Connect with our experts today, and let’s start strategizing!

Law Firm Target Audience

How We Do Digital Strategy for Law Firms

While digital marketing presents many opportunities to shine, it’s all too easy to fall through a rabbit hole of unnecessary and unsustainable initiatives and plans. 

In our experience, the best approach involves taking reasonable steps in line with the realities of your business, with each step laser-focused on three main objectives:

  1. Raising your profile
  2. Building credibility in your areas of expertise
  3. Reaching the right people with the right message

How does Good2bsocial do digital strategy for law firms?

Digital Audit

Your website and social media pages serve as the hub for all digital marketing efforts. If its design and function are off, even the most well-realized strategy will deliver little in the way of benefits. We’ll begin with a high-level audit of your website and social media properties and, if need be, get those assets up to speed before we even start exploring a potential strategy.

In-Depth SEO Audit

We’ll take a deep dive into your SEO to evaluate where things stand today and how you stack up against your competitors. This stage of the process may include stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

Strategy Development: Your G2BS PLAYBOOK

Drawing on the internal and external data gleaned from our audits, we’ll build your G2BS PLAYBOOK, a comprehensive outline of your overarching digital marketing strategy, as well as specific strategies for each individual channel and delivery mechanism, all customized to your practice and your areas of specialization.

Program Execution

Employing only the latest and most effective digital tools, tactics, methods, and platforms, we’ll bring the strategy outlined in your G2BS PLAYBOOK to life.

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