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Your law firm’s website is central to your digital marketing efforts.

But even the most well-designed, user-friendly site packed with valuable and informative content isn’t going to help your firm achieve its business goals if prospects aren’t able to find it. With so many lawyers and law firms leveraging the web to connect with their target audience, it’s crucial that your firm’s web pages appear in the top 10 Google search results as consistently as possible.

The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simple: improve your site’s search rankings and drive more organic traffic to its pages. But effective SEO for law firms takes time, attention, and skill. It’s also not a one-and-done proposition. SEO best practices need to be implemented EVERY time you publish new content to your site.

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We Help Law Firms Get Found Online

Good2bSocial works with law firms, legal marketers, companies, and associations in the legal industry to help them understand and leverage the power of digital marketing. By combining our unmatched industry expertise with the latest technology, we help clients make the most of their digital assets to achieve their business development goals.

If your firm’s website is failing to deliver the engagement and leads you had hoped for, our experts can conduct a high-level SEO audit of your site to determine precisely where you might be falling short and provide you with a roadmap for producing real, tangible results.

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Our 5-Step SEO Audit

Before you can succeed at SEO, you must determine where you stand right now. 

Our 5-step SEO audit allows us to do just that. Once your audit is complete, we’ll draw on our acquired insights to propose a strategy tailored to your needs and capable of achieving your goals.

  1. Step 1. Getting the Lay of the Land

    We configure our crawling tools and begin collecting relevant site data to learn where you currently rank. We’ll review your Google Analytics, evaluate your traffic patterns, and set up Google Search Console for your site.

  2. Step 2. Auditing Accessibility

    This stage of the audit seeks to determine how well the search engines are currently able to access your website. We want to ensure the basics are there and that nothing impedes the bots from crawling your pages.

  3. Step 3: Indexability

    Once we determine that search engines can access your site, we’ll ensure they’re actually indexing your pages. In the event we discover you are being blocked, we’ll work to determine the reason and then propose a solution for getting your site back in the rankings.

  4. Step 4: On-Page Ranking Factors

    Next, we’ll review all factors on your site that influence rankings, including URLs, content, information infrastructure, HTML markups, and outlinks. We’ll also be scrutinizing your site for any duplicate content (including duplicate URS) and keyword cannibalism, which can prove detrimental to your rankings.

  5. Step 5: Off-Page Ranking Factors

    Because your site’s quality is primarily determined by the quality of the sites linking to it, we’ll perform an in-depth analysis of your backlink profile and identify opportunities for improvement.

Your Roadmap to SEO Success

Once our audit is complete, we’ll begin building a plan to improve your site’s rankings and drive more organic traffic to its pages. Our goal is to increase your website traffic using the targeted keywords we discovered during the audit, so you consistently appear on the first page of Google for your most important keywords and terms.

Effective SEO requires patience, and improved organic rankings won’t happen overnight. But once you’ve gained momentum, SEO will deliver a high ROI that lasts far longer than advertising, which only drives traffic for as long as you’re willing to pay for ads.

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