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If digital marketing is an art, analytics represent the science that guides that artistry.

When intelligently measured and wielded, your analytics won’t just tell you how well your law firm’s digital assets are performing; they’ll also provide a wealth of fact-based information to help you better understand client behaviors and needs.

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We Help Law Firms Harness the Power of Analytics

We’ve found that many firms already generate tons of analytics from their various digital properties, but lack the time to review or leverage their analytics in any meaningful way.

Our Real-time Analytics Dashboard (RAD) solution was designed specifically to help those firms. RAD goes beyond simple web analytics and social media tools to generate powerful reports packed with valuable insights into your client’s digital behaviors and your campaigns, providing the information needed to identify critical trends and develop data-based action plans for achieving your goals.

Isn’t it time that your firm harnessed the true power of analytics?

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How We Do Analytics

Reporting on a long list of KPIs that don’t apply to your business or your process is the wrong way to do analytics. Not only is that approach overwhelming and time-wasting, but it also undermines your progress by causing you to focus on the wrong things.

Our approach to analytics begins with clarifying your top 3-5 digital marketing goals, ensuring we’re on the same page and prepared to focus on the metrics that align with YOUR definition of progress and success. Only then can we begin laying a solid foundation for a digital marketing strategy capable of achieving what’s most important to your firm.

RAD seamlessly integrates capabilities with all major marketing applications and platforms, allowing us to draw data from multiple sources and deliver monthly reports that answer your most pressing questions:

  • Are we increasing the visibility of the firm? More specifically, are more people visiting and interacting with our site than in previous periods?
  • Are prospects and clients finding us? Or does the majority of our traffic appear to be potential hires?
  • Is our content getting found online? Is our search traffic increasing?
  • What content types and topics are performing best? Why?
  • What types of content and search keywords are we most likely to get found for? Are we getting found for the topics where our knowledge and experience are most valuable? If not, why?
  • Where are clients most likely to arrive on our website? Have we established a clear direction for them to proceed into our site and gain a better understanding of our firm, its knowledge, perspective, and experience?


Finally, because it’s essential to add analysis and context to the data, we prefer to review your analytics and results in real-time and, if necessary, explain how we plan to fine-tune your digital programs based on the metrics.

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