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Has your law firm considered hosting a webinar?

These online seminars are becoming increasingly popular with both marketers and their target audiences. In fact, online viewers watched three times more webinar content in 2020 than they did in 2019. More than 90% of marketers leveraging webinars in 2020 also reported success, with 75% saying the format had allowed them to connect with more leads.  

If you aren’t already incorporating webinars into your law firm’s digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an unparalleled opportunity to engage with potential clients in real-time and gain a competitive edge.

Webinar Production for Law Firms

Ready to Host a Webinar? We Can Help.

In addition to hosting many successful webinars of our own, Good2bsocial also has extensive experience helping lawyers, law firms, and legal marketers produce professional webinars that add to their credibility and allow them to connect with their target audiences in genuinely meaningful ways.

If your firm is considering hosting a webinar but you’re unsure of where to start, we’re more than ready and willing to help.

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Hosting a Webinar

Why Host a Webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar that allows a law firm, company, or organization to share knowledge with an online audience virtually anywhere in the world.

So how would hosting a webinar benefit your law firm?

How We Do Webinar Production for Law Firms

By managing the process from start to finish, we make it easy for your firm to host professional webinars that communicate key messages to its target audience, establish its attorneys as thought leaders in their practice areas, and engage and build rapport with prospective clients.

Our comprehensive webinar production services include:

  1. Assisting in identifying engaging, relevant topics.

  2. Identifying technology tools/providers to broadcast the webinar.

  3. Designing the webinar deck.

  4. Create web pages (registration, landing, thank you pages) to showcase your webinar.

  5. Planning and executing marketing campaigns designed to increase registration.

  6. Copywriting (blogs, social media, email campaigns) to promote the webinar.

  7. Assistance in running the webinar.

  8. Crafting robust features like polling, Q&A, chat, and social feeds that will keep your audience engaged.

  9. Measuring webinar success with event analytics for email tracking, attendance, Q&A, and polling.

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