Lead Generation

Are your digital marketing efforts failing to deliver the leads you expected?

While traditional digital methods were once enough, an increasingly competitive legal landscape has made it far more difficult for legal marketing professionals to track, reach, and engage with the prospects they need to achieve their business development goals.

Succeeding in this environment demands a thoughtful and multi-faceted approach to lead generation.

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Ready to Boost Your Law Firm’s Lead Generation Prowess?

Good2bsocial works with legal marketing pros, lawyers, and law firms of all types and sizes to strategize and execute successful lead-generation campaigns. 

Our knowledge of the legal industry and digital marketing tactics, combined with our team of award-winning writers and designers, allows us to craft lead-generation strategies that help our clients attract and nurture prospects until they’re ready to convert.

If your firm needs to ramp up its lead generation capabilities, we’re more than willing and able to help.

Reach out to us today, and let’s talk!

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Why a Lead Generation Strategy Matters

With prospective clients inundated with information, it’s vital that your firm find new, creative ways to cut through the static and connect with legal consumers who value your services. 

Rather than relying on email blasts and print advertising, you need to make it easy for prospects to find and engage with your firm online, then take the appropriate steps to deepen those relationships at each stage in the client’s journey. A smart lead generation strategy facilitates this very process by providing your firm with a blueprint for  increasing brand awareness, building relationships with potential clients, and ultimately closing deals.

It’s also important to understand that quality is far more important than quantity in lead generation. You don’t want to waste time on leads that will never convert, so you’ll need a way to narrow down the pool. Because a robust lead generation strategy helps ensure that you’re laser-focused on attracting high-quality leads, the leads you do generate will be far more likely to eventually become loyal clients.


How We Do Lead Generation for Law Firms

Each step in our process exists to ensure that your firm’s lead generation campaign is successful in attracting qualified leads and acquiring new clients.

  1. Establish business objectives
  2. Research target audience
  3. Develop content strategy
  4. Create lead magnets
  5. Promote content and lead magnet
  6. Create and optimize landing pages, popups, and chat
  7. Conduct A/B tests to optimize conversion rates
  8. Perform lead scoring
  9. Create and execute nurture campaigns
  10. Help you to close the deal


Our approach relies on the use of modern lead generation software to increase brand visibility, as well as the deployment of informational content to capture prospects’ interest as they’re researching their options.

 Once they’ve demonstrated interest, this technology also allows us to track each prospect through every stage of the client journey and develop automated nurture campaigns to guide them toward conversion.

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