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Getting Explicit About the Benefits of Tacit Knowledge

The ideas behind the social business movement are not new. In fact, people have been speculating about how the connected economy would impact the future of business for quite some time now. In 1999, way before the birth of social networks, a group of authors and bloggers put together a set of ninety five theses […]

Top 5 Videos on Social Business and Enterprise Social Networks

What exactly is Social Business? What is an Enterprise Social Network? Why Should I care? Trying to explain to clients and colleagues the concept of Social Business, Enterprise Social Networks (ESN’s) and their value proposition is often complicated. Even when you spend a significant amount of time explaining what Social Business is or what an […]

Social Business vs. Knowledge Management – Part 2

We started discussing a new topic last week – exploring the differences between social business and knowledge management.  Are they fundamentally different approaches to solving the same set of organizational problems?  Or is this just a case of new rhetoric and business jargon being used to sell a new generation of software products? In the course […]

Is Social Business a New Thing or Simply Knowledge Management Rebranded?

In the course of our ongoing efforts to spread the message to law firms and other professional service organizations about the inherent benefits of integrating social business technology into their daily practice, we receive a wide range of interesting feedback from our friends and contacts out there in the marketplace.  Most recently, we received this email […]

My Top 7 Books for Social Business

  As the end of summer draws near, I have been spending a lot of time reading up on the topic of social business. There are a lot of good books out there meant for both novices and advanced social business practitioners. Here are a few of my favorites: Social Business by Design by Dion […]

The Three Levels of a Social Business

There have been many attempts over the last year to define what a social business is. IBM, and many other enterprise software companies are spending a significant amount of money on advertising and marketing, trying to educate business owners of the benefits and values a social business offers. Yet for all their efforts, I […]

Can a Law Firm Become a Social Business?

A couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to speak on a panel at Business Development Institute‘s Social Media Marketing Summit for Law Firms. It was a very well executed event with approximately 200 law firm professionals in attendance.

Is Middle Management the Enemy of Social Business?

In order for an organization to truly become a social business, the culture has to be right. Social tools enhance transparency within an organization. There is no more hiding behind email or highly structured business silos. Social tools, especially Enterprise Social Networks (“ESN”), have the functionality that make it possible for every employee in an […]

Social Business: If Your CXOs Are Not Social, Your Business is Not Social

Sponsorship is not the same as leadership. When working with clients, one question I always ask before I take on a project is “what is the level of support and involvement that your executives plan to have?” The answer I usually get is that the executives have committed to be major sponsors or supporters of the […]

Social Business: The Top Five Myths

Back in December of 2011, Pernod Ricard USA hired me as a consultant. They hired me to help them build and deploy what they called, “a Facebook type application for our employees.” A few weeks after being there and after spending some time meeting and interviewing the key stake holders I came to the realization […]

Social Business – How Social Impacts Customer Service

I recently attended an exclusive event in NYC where  Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of introduced the concept of “How to Become a Customer Company.” It is the new vision for that Benioff is trying to sell and it focuses on “the customer” as the key mission for every company. The customer revolution will […]