Transformative, Cutting-Edge Strategies that Help Law Firms Grow Their Practice.

The legal marketplace is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive by the day.

With so many law firms vying for a continuously shrinking segment of outsourced legal work, investing in effective online business development strategies is more essential than ever.

Good2bsocial helps law firms and lawyers leverage online assets to reach and engage with their target audience and differentiate themselves from their competitors. With several decades of experience in online legal marketing, we’re uniquely positioned to help firms formulate and execute customized strategies capable of communicating their specialized knowledge and expertise to the potential clients most likely to convert.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Drawing on our knowledge of the most effective best practices and methodologies, we will develop and implement an overarching digital strategy to help your firm improve and strengthen its market position and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

Social Media Audit and Strategy

Whether you’re looking to increase traffic, build brand awareness, drive engagement, generate more leads or acquire more clients, we’ll craft and execute a strategy capable of leveraging social media to its maximum potential.

SEO Audit and Strategy

Effective SEO takes time, attention, and skill. Our 5-step SEO audit process allows us to provide you with specific recommendations for improving your rankings and craft a custom strategy capable of delivering the desired results.

Content Audit and Strategy

If you’re producing content merely for the sake of producing content, you’re unlikely to see much in the way of ROI. We can ensure that all content marketing efforts are guided by a solid strategy capable of producing the valuable content your target audience needs and wants to see.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

By targeting only a specified and pre-defined list of companies or individuals with a high potential to convert, ABM offers a far more efficient strategy for growth compared to the methods and tactics they’ve traditionally relied upon

Measurement and Analytics

Our Real-time Analytics Dashboard (RAD) solution goes beyond simple web analytics and social media tools to generate powerful reports packed with the valuable insights needed to o craft better-informed campaigns, prioritize your content needs, and make the most efficient and effective use of your firm’s digital resources.

Lead Generation

Our knowledge of the legal industry and digital marketing tactics, combined with our award-winning writers and designers, allows us to craft lead-generation strategies that help our clients attract and nurture prospects until they’re ready to convert.

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