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Is your law firm making the most of social media?

While a strong presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is essential to a successful digital marketing strategy, declining organic reach and the increased competition within the social media space means that a purely organic approach won’t get you very far.

To truly amplify your firm’s content beyond its usual retinue of followers and ensure you’re getting the right message to the right audiences at just the right time, you simply cannot afford to ignore social media’s powerful paid advertising capabilities.


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Ready to Move Beyond Your Social Media Following?

The Good2bSocial team has years of experience creating and managing social media advertising campaigns for lawyers, law firms, and businesses and organizations within the legal sphere.

If you’re ready to expand your firm’s reach beyond its already established following, we’re more than willing and able to help.

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Legal Marketer’s Guide to Writing for Social Media

Paid Social for Law Firms: What are the Benefits?

Social media advertising offers a way to connect with people who may not follow your firm directly but who have an expressed interest in the services it provides or fall within its target audience demographics.

Robust Targeting Capabilities

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to direct messages of specific interest to certain audiences, increasing both engagement and your brand’s reach. On LinkedIn, for example, you can promote content to people based on anything from their job title to their company to their location. Those same audience parameters can also be used for retargeting ads.

Include a Clickable CTA

Social media advertising gives you the ability to include a clickable call-to-action (CTA) within your ad that directs users to “learn more,” “contact me now,” or “sign up for a free audit.” The CTA creates a direct tie-in from the ad to the service you offer and allows prospects to connect easily with your firm online.


It takes time to build a social media following, and even then, you’re at the mercy of the ranking algorithms to display your organic content on users’ feeds. But as with any form of paid advertising, your social media ads will begin appearing in targets’ feeds as soon as your campaign is live.

Ability to Track and Measure Success

Every social media advertising platform automatically generates analytics and data that make it easy to track and measure the success of your campaigns. You’ll be able to ascertain ROI and identify areas for improvement reasonably quickly.

How We Do Social Media Advertising for Law Firms

While cost-effective and easy to use, extracting the most value from paid social requires carefully planned campaigns, intelligently crafted ads, and an appropriate budget.

So how does Good2bsocial approach social media advertising for law firms?

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