Account Based Marketing

Content marketing for lawyers

More and more B2B companies and professional service firms are turning to Account Based Marketing – ABM – to achieve their business goals.

And is it any wonder?

By targeting only a specified and pre-defined list of companies or individuals with a high potential to convert, ABM offers a far more efficient strategy for growth compared to the methods and tactics they’ve traditionally relied upon

Yet, while 85% of marketers say ABM delivers higher ROI than any other marketing approach, many law firms have been slow to adopt such a strategy. 

If your firm is among them, you run a very real risk of falling behind.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Get More Value from Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Good2bSocial works with lawyers and law firms, as well as businesses and organizations within the legal industry, that seek to derive the maximum return possible from their digital marketing investment.

And time and again, we’ve witnessed first-hand the multiple benefits that can accompany a thoughtful approach to Account Based Marketing, including more relevant campaigns, enhanced client experiences, and, of course, improved ROI.

If your firm is ready to make the move to a more intelligent and targeted digital marketing strategy, we’re more than willing and able to help.

Reach out to us today, and let’s talk!

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Quality Over Quantity: Why it Matters in Legal Marketing

Account Based Marketing is about quality over quantity: narrow marketing to key accounts or targets rather than broad marketing to many.

Essentially, these tactics allow you to identify critical accounts or types of accounts your firm would like to target and then direct your marketing campaigns to key decision-makers in those companies. Since each interaction and communication is thoughtfully targeted, you won’t waste time reaching out to people who aren’t interested in your services.

By delivering only customized content to each high-value prospect and client, your firm will gain a distinct advantage over competitors that are creating more generic content in the hopes that someone will bite.  And because ABM allows you to target very specific pain points, you’ll ensure potential clients feel more appreciated and understood from your earliest interactions. 

At the same time, current clients – including high-value clients you can’t afford to lose – will begin to realize that your firm has even more to offer beyond the services it’s already providing.

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