Author: Kevin Vermeulen

How Lawyers Can Use LinkedIn Creator Mode

Content is an essential part of standing out on LinkedIn. How is your content performing on the social media site? If you’re spending time on LinkedIn but not quite meeting your goals for the platform, you may want to look into Creator Mode. Here’s a quick guide on...

Ways to Improve Attorney Facebook Advertising

If you’re leveraging Facebook ads and not getting the result you want, you may be tempted to give up. However, Facebook advertising can be incredibly powerful. The right optimization can totally change the performance of your campaigns.  If you want to see better...

10 Benefits of Blogging for Lawyers

With 4 billion people currently connected to the internet globally, it’s the first place most people go when they’re choosing service providers. So, chances are your future clients are online, and that’s where they’ll look when they need legal services. Blogging can...
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The Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Internet Marketing

Kevin is a partner and COO for Good2bSocial. He has 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, helping lawyers, law firms, and vendors grow their business. Kevin was previously Sr VP Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for ALM Media. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn and Twitter.