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Content marketing for lawyers

Content marketing is a potent tactic for informing, educating, and captivating your target audience in a way that will inspire engagement with your firm.

But if your efforts are going to deliver the desired results, you must provide  that audience with a consistent stream of high-quality content that highlights your firm’s expertise, reinforces its brand messaging, and offers them something of value.

Content marketing for lawyers

Is Your Content Generating Revenue for Your Firm?

When you create content your audience wants and needs, content marketing has the potential to become a real revenue generator for your firm. But the consistency and quality we mentioned? Both can be a tall order, especially for a busy law firm or business with limited time and resources.

Good2bsocial works with lawyers, law firms, and companies and associations within the legal industry to create and disseminate high-impact content that will achieve their business goals. If your firm is ready to incorporate content marketing into its digital arsenal, or if you’re struggling to produce a consistent stream of high-quality content for your website and other digital marketing platforms, we’re here to help.

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Content marketing for lawyers

Our Content Marketing Offerings

Digital content can take many forms.

What matters is that it’s high-quality, relevant to your business, optimized for valuable keywords, and of interest to your target audience. The more useful and comprehensive your content is, the higher it will place in Google’s search rankings, increasing the odds that your audience will find your content online.

We can also help you improve and market the content produced by your team – accelerating your return on investment.

Our content marketing offerings include:

Long-Form Articles

Our editors and writers deliver high-quality, long-form articles that enhance your brand’s credibility, engage readers, and cut through the noise of the internet.

White papers

Our team can help produce white papers that prospects will actually want to read.

Marketing Copy

Working closely with our digital marketing team, our writers can craft web-optimized marketing content, executive and partner biographies, LinkedIn profiles, and other marketing-related materials.

Thought leadership pieces

With our deep understanding of legal and business issues, we can help your partners and executives craft buzz-worthy thought leadership articles that showcase your expertise.

Surveys and Awards

Our team members have managed (and, in some cases, helped create) industry-leading surveys and contests. We can consult with you on the best approach to survey and contest submissions and assist you in preparing effective contest entries.

Blogs and Alerts

We can help you build an engaged audience with polished blog posts and client alerts highlighting your firm’s strengths and expertise.


Upon identifying a popular subject with your audience, our writers will curate an eBook that further establishes your firm’s credibility and expertise, solidifying its status as an authority in its practice areas.


We can repurpose long-form content into easily digestible – and highly shareable – visual data, charts, and graphics.

The Legal Writers Bureau

When you partner with Good2bSocial, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with The Legal Writers Bureau, our exclusive team of elite writers and editors who specialize in creating high-impact legal and business content.

The members of the Bureau have led the country’s top business publications. Now they’re working with our clients to help them deliver sophisticated, compelling content that will connect with their target audiences.

Content marketing for lawyers

Our Other Content-Related Services

Good2bsocial offers several other service to help your firm elevate its brand messaging, maximize the reach of its content, derive the maximum ROI from its content marketing efforts:

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