Social Media Audit & Strategy

Content marketing for lawyers

Social media offers law firms a unique opportunity to really connect and engage with potential clients, enhance the visibility of their attorneys and practice areas, and ultimately generate quality leads and acquire new business.

But while most legal marketing professionals are now incorporating platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter into their overall digital efforts, far too few have a strategy to achieve the business development results they had hoped for. 

If your firm seeks to truly harness the power of social media, you must first determine where you currently stand regarding the potential clients you need to reach and your competitors. 

Then you’ll need a detailed road map showing you where you need to be and precisely what you need to do to get there.

Social Media Audit & Strategy Development for Law Firms

Leverage Social Media to Its Full Potential

Good2bSocial works with lawyers and law firms, as well as businesses and organizations within the legal sphere, that need help utilizing social media to get the right messages in front of the right people.

If your firm is looking to leverage social media to its full potential, or if your current approach is proving less than adequate, our Social Media Audit and Strategy offering will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your performance across all major social media platforms
  • Benchmark your firm against your competitors
  • Provide a road map to help you produce real, tangible results


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Social Media Audit and Strategy

How We Do Social Media

In our experience, a one-size-fits-all approach to social media rarely – if ever – succeeds.

When you partner with Good2bsocial, you can expect a social strategy customized to meet your firm’s specific needs and aligned to the services it provides and the audience you want to reach.

So how do we do social media?

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