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Your law firm can’t afford to ignore email marketing.

In fact, according to a recent McKinsey & Company study, email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective at garnering new customers than the combined marketing force of Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately, far too many firms fail to effectively leverage email marketing because they lack the knowledge and skill set to properly create, customize, and automate emails that have been optimized for conversions.

Law Firm Email Strategy

We Help Law Firms Leverage Email to Drive Conversions

Good2bsocial works exclusively with law firms, lawyers, and companies and organizations in the legal industry seeking to harness email’s powerful lead-generation capability and acquire new business. If you’ve had enough of lackluster email campaigns that inspire far more “unsubscribes” than conversions, we’re more than ready to help.

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What Makes Email Marketing Effective?

While email marketing can deliver exceptional ROI for minimal cost, directing an occasional, generic email toward your prospects’ inboxes isn’t going to deliver the result your firm needs to drive business development success.

If you want potential clients to click and read your emails, they have to be relevant to their needs and interests. Your subject lines should be crafted to draw prospects in, and your body copy should be easy to read and compelling enough to inspire potential clients to click through to your website, download your lead magnet, or take another desired action that moves them further along on their buyer’s journey.

And as with all things digital marketing, you also need to track and measure relevant KPIs and make the necessary adjustments to improve your results.

Email Marketing for Law Firms

How We Do Email Marketing

While the value of email marketing is undeniable, mounting an effective campaign involves many moving parts that can easily overwhelm a busy legal marketing team.

We’ve made it our goal to help clients realize superior ROI from their email marketing efforts by streamlining and automating their processes while at the same time helping to increase the size and loyalty of their subscriber base through the delivery of highly personalized content that potential clients want and need.

So how does Good2bsocial do email marketing?



We help you properly define and subdivide your firm’s target audience into clearly identifiable segments. We employ four basic market segmentation strategies based on behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and geographical differences.



We help you understand your clients’ and prospects’ individual characteristics and preferences, then work with you to develop a process to deliver the right content to their inboxes.



We assist you in developing emails that inform, engage, and keep your target audience eager for more.

Mobile Platform


We ensure that your emails are visually appealing and easy to view and interact with, regardless of a user’s device, screen size, platform, or orientation.

Marketing automation platform


We’ll help you select the best marketing automation platform for your firm, then work with you to develop the processes required to improve engagement and increase efficiency. We’ll also help you sync the platform with your CRM and assist with establishing automation rules. Then we’ll work with you to create various forms of drip and nurture campaigns that align with your marketing objectives and business development goals.

Video And Interactive Design

Video And Interactive Design

We’ll identify every opportunity to use video and other interactive elements to enhance the look of your email communications and engage readers. Our highly skilled visual designers, programmers, and video production specialists will work with you to ensure your emails stand out.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

We’ll leverage various A/B and multivariate testing methods to optimize conversions. We will test various subject headers, calls to action, and other assets to identify the best converting format for your audience.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

We’ll measure and analyze the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns to determine ROI and enhance the overall effectiveness of your efforts. We go beyond the traditional measurement analytics of open rate and click rate to determine which emails deliver the highest conversion rates.

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