Category: Measurement and Analytics

Converting Law Firm Leads: What Metrics You Should be Tracking

In the realm of online marketing, you hear the term “conversion” a lot. A conversion is when a visitor to your website completes some action that you wanted them to complete. Depending on your intentions, an actual conversion can be many different things. It could be someone adding their email address to your law firm’s […]

6 Tools Law Firms Can Use to Track Twitter Reach and Engagement

Twitter is one of the easiest social network platforms to use. Millions of users check in every day to learn, share, and engage. Twitter is also an effective marketing platform for businesses. But things move fast, and it can be hard to track exactly what is happening. The key to getting the most out of […]

When ROI Analysis Proves to be Superfluous

One of the biggest advantages of operating in the digital realm is the ready availability of data that makes it much easier to measure results. This is a boon for anyone using digital technology for a new business initiative, whether you’re rolling out a new app or platform or about to launch a social media […]