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Website Analytics Tools for Law Firm Marketers and Lawyers

by Good2bSocial • December 14th, 2017 • Measurement and Analytics | Blog

Website Analytics Tools for Law Firm Marketers and LawyersWhether you just launched a law firm website or have had an existing site for years, it requires constant maintenance. In other words, you must continuously track your website’s analytics and monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Reviewing your content, monitoring SEO, and analyzing metrics are necessary for maintaining a website that can be easily found and navigated by users. In this post, we discuss two website analytics tools, Site Improve and Raven Tools, that can ensure your law firm’s website is truly performance driven.

Site Improve

Site Improve breaks down their services into two main areas: content and analytics. Content is the bulk of your website, the information you’re providing to visitors. Site Improve analyzes your content based on several determining factors. First, Quality Assurance checks that your content is both up to date and free of grammatical errors. Accessibility will determine how well your website can be accessed by users with varying needs and those using mobile phones or tablets. Then, Policy will assess whether or not the content on your site matches your goals in terms of digital presence. Finally, Site Improve can also be used to measure SEO – how well your website and content is being ranked by search engines.

As for the analytics component of Site Improve’s services, they offer key metrics for you to measure what’s most important for your firm, analysis of your site’s conversion process, behavior maps to understand how your visitors interact with and navigate your site. Site Improve doesn’t just report numbers, they also give qualitative feedback to help you understand how to implement changes based on KPIs. All of the information pertaining to your website’s analytics will be prioritized in order for you to focus on the higher order issues first. Site Improve’s 24/7 website monitoring checks that your site is always functioning smoothly and if it isn’t, customer support response time is almost immediate.

One limitation of the platform is its lack of integration with data sources like Google Analytics. This means that the metric numbers from Site Improve won’t match sources like Google Analytics or Moz simply because they measure the data differently.

Pricing: Starts at $119 for both content & analytics reports; Custom plans available

Raven Tools

Another good website analytics option is Raven Tools, especially if you want to view metrics from several different sources all in one place. They offer custom SEO, Social, and PPC marketing reports for your law firm’s website and social media channels. Similarly to Site Improve, Raven Tools allows you to find and fix SEO issues like broken links quickly. You will also have the option to customize reports and choose which metrics you want to analyze. The main benefit Raven Tools has over Site Improve is its integration capabilities. Your reports will include data from Majestic, Moz, Google Analytics, and social media on a singular platform making it unnecessary to subscribe to every individual tool.

Pricing: $99 for 4 users, $249 for unlimited users

Overall Site Improve is rated one of the best website analytics tools on the market. Users describe the platform as intuitive with very little training time needed. On the other hand, Raven Tools is rated slightly lower than Site Improve because of its less user friendly interface and the repetition of data.

Your law firm can’t maintain a performance driven website without web analytics. Using tools like Site Improve or Raven Tools will help your firm continuously enhance their site. The best tool for your law firm is whichever one will deliver the metrics and capabilities you need to accomplish your website goals using comprehensive reports.

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