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6 Tools Law Firms Can Use to Track Twitter Reach and Engagement

by Guy Alvarez • January 19th, 2017 • Measurement and Analytics | Blog

law firms twitter analyticsTwitter is one of the easiest social network platforms to use. Millions of users check in every day to learn, share, and engage.

Twitter is also an effective marketing platform for businesses. But things move fast, and it can be hard to track exactly what is happening.

The key to getting the most out of Twitter for your law firm is to make sure you’ve got the right tools to help you track and analyze your reach, engagement, and results. Once you’re able to see how far your message is getting and how people are reacting to it, you’ll be able to tune your Twitter marketing efforts for maximum returns.

Below you’ll find some of the best free and paid tools to help your law practice get the most out of Twitter.

Twitter Analytics

The first place you should be looking for information about your law firm’s performance on Twitter is in Twitter’s own analytics section. It’s easy to miss, as it’s not very prominently displayed.

On your Twitter home page, you’ll see a small version of your profile picture on the top right of the screen. Hover your mouse over this picture ro4 “profile and settings” and click on “Analytics.”

You’ll be presented with a full suite of statistics on everything from follower and tweet trends to which of your tweets earned the most impressions and interactions. There is a lot of information, but not many options for sorting things into formats that help with deeper analysis. And that’s why it’s not the only tool on this list.


Buffer is primarily a social media scheduling app, but part of what they offer is a comprehensive analytics package that will allow you to track engagement statistics on Twitter, as well as other social media platforms.

The scheduling portion of Buffer is free to use, allowing you to queue up 10 posts on several different platforms, but to get the full analytics you’ll need to pay for their “Awesome Plan” at a cost of $102 per year.


TweetReach delivers rich reports that make it easy to see how you’re doing overall. In addition to breaking things down to individual followers and tweets, you’ll be able to see the combined reach and engagement of your tweets for a given time period.

The reports pinpoint the followers that are helping you extend your reach through retweets and mentions. Summary reports give you an overview of how your law firm’s account is doing at a glance, with finely detailed information just a click away.

TweetReach is designed for heavily used social accounts. In addition to Twitter, you’ll be able to track activity on Facebook and Instagram. You can get limited free reports to see what their system is capable of, but full access starts at $79 per month.


Tweetchup is free to use and offers some basic, but still valuable, analytics and reporting. You’ll get a breakdown of your activity over a given period, along with tweets that earned the most retweets and likes. Tweetchup’s report gives you a quick overview of the activity on your firm’s account, allowing you to easily gauge consistency.


Hootsuite, as the name suggests, is a suite of tools for social media. An important part of their offering is tools to help increase engagement as well as comprehensive analytics reports.

You’ll be able to get reports that make it easy to decipher key metrics. A standout feature is their customizable reports. You’ll be able to get the exact statistics that are meaningful for your firm’s marketing needs.


Twitonomy offers some great reports, with free basic information and paid options available to get more details and tracking.

You’ll get a clean breakdown of both your complete Twitter history and most recent tweets. You get easy to read charts and graphs that will clue you in to your firm’s most popular tweets, followers and following stats, lists you’ve been added to, and plenty more.

You can also click through into more detailed reports that let you gather valuable information about your firm’s followers and those that you’re following. These detailed statistics can help you to pinpoint accounts that have potential for helping to increase your reach.

Mix and Match for Success

There is no one-size-fits-all product when it comes to social media analytics. To get the most out of Twitter for your law practice, you should try different analytics platforms and decide which is going to work best for you. In the end, the best solution will most likely be a combination analytics tools.

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