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Converting Law Firm Leads: What Metrics You Should be Tracking

In the realm of online marketing, you hear the term “conversion” a lot. A conversion is when a visitor to your website completes some action that you wanted them to complete. Depending on your intentions, an actual conversion can be many different things. It could be someone adding their email address to your law firm’s […]

10 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Law Firm Marketers

Everyone knows that the best decisions are made based on data. It’s important to have reporting available so that you can know what’s working and what’s not as far as social media strategy. Furthermore, in-depth data can help prove your team’s worth and value to business leaders. Fortunately, social media analytics have gotten more sophisticated. […]

What Legal Marketers Need to Know About The New Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is the most used website analytics tool in the world. Law firm marketers use Google Analytics to read and analyze website data and learn in-depth details about their website visitors. Google recently announced a new version of analytics – Google Analytics 4 – with new features designed to improve marketing decisions and get […]

A Law Firm Guide to Social Media Analytics

Do you know how to measure your law firm’s social media efforts? How to find and analyze social data that will enable you to make smarter business decisions? Having a social media analytics strategy and consistent reporting schedule will enable you to identify trends and new opportunities. You’ll understand what’s working and what isn’t so […]

12 Custom Google Analytics Reports Every Legal Marketer Needs

Google Analytics is an essential web analytics component for every legal marketer’s toolbox. Through the use of Google Analytics, legal marketers can uncover a tremendous amount of data about their law firm’s website that can be used to enhance marketing and business development strategies. But Google Analytics surfaces so much data, it’s hard to know […]

A Legal Marketer’s Guide to A/B Testing for Optimal Campaign Performance

Digital marketing offers several benefits – but the main one is that it is trackable and measurable. That means digital tactics offer legal marketers plenty of opportunity to make data-driven decisions and improve their efforts over time. The best way to do so? A/B Testing. What is A/B Testing and Why Should Legal Marketers Use […]

UTM Tracking: What Are UTM Codes and How Can Law Firms Use Them?

A UTM parameter, or UTM code, is simply a tracking tag that you add to the end of a URL. By adding a UTM-parameter to your URL you can use monitoring tools like Google Analytics to measure where your traffic comes from and how visitors behave on law firm’s website pages. For legal marketers, this […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Law Firm Marketing Analytics

The only way to know if your law firm’s digital marketing efforts are meeting your goals is, of course, to measure results and track analytics. Otherwise, there is no way to tell if your campaign is on the right track or running off the rails. Legal marketers cannot rely on intuition alone to get their […]

10 Things Legal Marketers Can Learn from Google Analytics

If you want to know what kind of impact your law firm’s website and marketing efforts have made, you should be familiar with Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to track and analyze every last detail of your law firm’s website and traffic. In fact, Google Analytics gives you so many options, and so much […]