google marketing platformGoogle has many marketing resources to offer law firms, such as AdWords and the new Google Marketing Platform. The company launched the new platform in late June, combining the services that you used to access separately via Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. The idea is that with the new platform, law firms and other businesses can easily plan, optimize, buy, and perform other tasks with both digital media and client experiences in a single convenient place.

Combine Analytics and Ads

Since the new Google Marketing Platform combines the features of the two previous platforms, law firms can use it to both run ads and use analytics. Any marketer, regardless of the industry, will tell you that combining technology for analytics with that of ads will boost your results. Google Marketing Platform makes this easier to do in a single platform by combining the advertising products from DoubleClick and the analytics from Google Analytics 360 Suite.

Utilize Data and Analytics

Your law firm’s marketing strategies are impossible to track without the proper analytics and data, but Google Marketing Platform has a few tools up its sleeve to help with this. The analytics help you get a complete picture of your website visitors with detailed reports. It also works seamlessly with Google Ads, so you can get deeper insights. Use this feature along with the Data Studio to put all your data in a single convenient spot for a simpler analysis.

Law firms can use the data from Google Marketing Platform to make smart adjustments to their website, so their marketing strategy reaches new clients and appeals to existing ones. There are unique tools like a visual editor, so you can test changes to customize an experience that works for your law firm’s client base.

Analyze Ads

Your law firm likely uses Google Ads as part of your marketing strategy. Assuming this is the case, the Search Ads 360 feature in Google Marketing Platform will give you up-to-the-minute data, let you connect search campaigns with additional digital channels, and more.

Survey Your Visitors and Clients

Law firms need to always be aware of what their website visitors are in search of and what their clients want from their services. One of the most effective methods of discovering this information is via surveys, which are built into Google Marketing Platform. You do not have to contract a separate survey company to get results, and you can see all the data from the survey in your Data Studio. Google Surveys are also customizable and simple to answer, giving you results in a matter of days instead of weeks, as with traditional survey options.


Law firms can use the new Google Marketing Platform to combine the power of analytics and ads, analyze ads in real-time, and easily survey site visitors and clients. Digital analytics demonstrate the effectiveness of your digital programs and campaigns, but it takes understanding your business and knowing how to measure results to transform data into action. If you need help customizing the Google Marketing Platform for your law firm or help gaining practical business  insights from the analytics your law firm has collected, contact us for a consultation.