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3 Key Digital Marketing Analytics Metrics For Law Firms

by Paola Henriquez • August 8th, 2019 • Measurement and Analytics | Blog

analyticsThere’s no doubt that marketing automation is beginning to make inroads on the legal industry. One of the best reasons to use marketing automation tools is to be able to clearly evaluate your law firm’s digital marketing analytics. However, marketing analytics can be confusing. We’ve rounded up 3 digital marketing analytics metrics for law firms that all law firms should focus on.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is essentially the percentage of leads that turn into clients. Which is why this key digital marketing analytics metric is one that law firms should keep their eyes on. While the main goal is to gain more clients, it’s imperative that you measure your conversion rate and consistently are evaluating how you can better improve your marketing strategy to convert more leads.

You want to be able to track where your leads are coming from. By evaluating the conversion rate of website visitors to leads and eventually clients, you can monitor which forms of digital marketing work best for your firm.

By considering what action you want your target audience to take, you can better measure your conversion rate. Whether it’s downloading an Ebook, listening to your podcast, or checking out your latest blog post, you can analyze how much of your traffic is converting to leads. The conversion rate will tell you where exactly your law firm should be focusing on.

Days to Development

When it comes to the legal industry, trust is an essential factor in the relationship between lawyers and their client. This is why clients spend time browsing several law firm’s sites to see what may be the best fit for them. So it may take a few clicks or website visits before a lead can turn into a potential client. The time gap between their first visit to your website and the day that they contact your firm can help you understand your leads much better.

By simply applying segmentation on your marketing automation tools, you can filter out the time periods where contacts have become a lead. This key digital marketing analytic is an easy step to add to your marketing automation tool. Visitors come from various channels so it’s important to be able to track which platforms or tactics work best for your firm.

Frequency and Recency

While it is beneficial to know how much time elapses between a visit and a lead, it’s not enough. A key marketing analytic that law firms should focus on is frequency and recency. Knowing how frequent your audience is visiting your site and how many of them are returning. Essentially building loyalty to your firm. If your considering taking crucial steps in rebranding your firm or redesigning your website, looking into this one piece of data can help you greatly improve your site’s performance.

Loyalty is a metric that needs to be of high priority to your firm. It’s great if you’re getting tons of clicks on your blog post but if those readers only came once and never returned, then you aren’t building a reliable strategy that is leading to a consistent and loyal audience.

Google Analytics has a frequency and recency report that you can access. A quick tip that will save you from getting a skewed percentage is to make sure to exclude new contacts before.


Marketing analytics is an essential factor when planning out your marketing strategy. If your law firm is new to marketing analytics, or simply need better help understanding marketing analytics metrics for law firms, feel free to reach out and contact us.

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