Author: Paola Henriquez

A Checklist To Managing Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

For plenty of law firms, building and maintaining a social media presence can seem like an overwhelming task. Facebook has become a problematic social network for many law firms because managing your law firm’s Facebook page takes a significant amount of time and provides little results.  However, with 1.37 billion users daily, this platform is […]

The Google Podcast Search Update – What it Means for Law Firms

Do you have a favorite podcast? How did you come across it – perhaps by following a favorite author, or a recommendation from a friend? Now that Google is serving a new podcast search update, law firms are able to come across new content simply by searching for what you might like to hear.  Google […]

Facebook Ad Mistakes Law Firms make

Creating paid ads on social media is an essential step for law firms marketing to consumers. But what if you’re not seeing the right types of results from these ads? You could be making mistakes that are actually hurting rather than helping your campaign. Today we go over 3 Facebook ad mistakes law firms make, […]

5 Benefits for Law Firms using Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager, or GTM, delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management solutions. To simply put it, Google Tag Manager creates tags to send user interaction data to Google Analytics. This saves you time and creates complex customized tags for your site. If you’re unfamiliar with the software, we’ve written […]

3 Key Digital Marketing Analytics Metrics For Law Firms

There’s no doubt that marketing automation is beginning to make inroads on the legal industry. One of the best reasons to use marketing automation tools is to be able to clearly evaluate your law firm’s digital marketing analytics. However, marketing analytics can be confusing. We’ve rounded up 3 digital marketing analytics metrics for law firms […]

Reaching Your Law Firm’s Target Audience

Does your law firm’s target audience – the people you’re currently reaching – represent the ideal client you want to attract? With so much going on in digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in counting the wrong numbers and chasing after the wrong people. We tend to oversimplify things and just go along with […]

Instagram Mistakes Law Firms Make & How to Fix Them

It’s no secret that law firms are using social media to connect and engage with audiences and convert them into clients. Whether your firm specializes in tax law, employment law, or anything in between, you can apply these tips to curate your content and strategically plan your Instagram marketing to receive a measurable ROI.  Lack […]

Podcast Ep. 94: Disrupting Stereotypes in Workplace Communication

In this podcast, Susan Freeman, the CEO of Freeman Means Business, talks about understanding gender-based communication to combat gender bias. Podcast Show Notes The mission of Freeman Means Business is to create equity in the workplace. Susan’s goal is to help women in business communicate effectively with the world — and to help men communicate […]

15 Questions Law Firms Can Use to Build Their Client Personas

A buyer persona – or, in the case of law firms, a “client persona” –  is a key piece of your marketing puzzle. How can you determine who to market to, if you don’t have thoughtful personas built out? Here are 15 simple questions to help you build your ideal client personas: What are the […]

6 Tips for Optimizing Your Law Firm’s PPC Landing Pages

Every law firm must make use of multiple marketing strategies to drive traffic to its website and get conversions. To make the most out of your PPC strategy, you should ensure that you have optimized your landing pages. Your optimizations should be for the conversion rate as well as for your business and Google. The […]