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9 of the Top Marketing Analytics Tools for Law Firms

by Noreen Fishman • June 8th, 2021 • Measurement and Analytics | Blog

marketing analytics for law firmsIf your law firm is spending money on digital marketing, it’s worth knowing how those activities are performing. In order to do so, you must employ one or more digital marketing analytics tools. However, we know that there are many different marketing analytics tools available that will capture and track data about your marketing campaigns. So after years of working with firms of all sizes and practice areas, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top marketing analytics tools that are helping firms aggregate all of their data in one place. They are all slightly different, so read carefully to find the marketing analytics tools that are the best fit for your law firm!

1. Cyfe

This tool is an all-in-one analytics dashboard. With this platform, you can see all of your historical data and real-time information in one place. You can also integrate custom data sources such as widgets, APIs, and more. The best feature of the platform is that it has separate dashboards showing insights for all of your platforms: social media, marketing, web analytics, finance, new business, and IT with lead generation tracking.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is an excellent choice for law firms of any size. From managing your content and social media to tracking emails and connecting with your leads, HubSpot is an all-in-one solution. HubSpot’s analytics tools offer social reports that compare the performance of multiple social channels as well as campaign performance in general and attribution reporting. This platform is a great idea for law firms that need campaign analytics tools that guide them towards creating a more holistic, impactful strategy.

Bonus: You can also report on and measure your law firm’s account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns right from HubSpot.

3. Mixpanel

A trusted, advanced mobile and web analytics platform, law firm marketers like it because it’s simple and doesn’t require any coding to set up. Mixpanel helps you track actions (instead of page views) and also comes with predictive analytics features. It’s especially helpful for mining and segmenting data. It’s ideal for tracking your conversion funnel and seeing where people drop off or where extra steps are needed. 

4. Google Analytics

No surprise here. With Google being the most important search engine in the world, their analytics platform provides the bulk of information that savvy digital marketers need. From understanding visitors’ behavior to which pages perform and which are lacking, Google Analytics will help you understand how to improve content and the platform provides key insights for tactical optimization of your website.

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5. Moz Pro

The focus of Moz is search engine optimization (SEO). It provides intelligent data and tools to help marketers and SEO professionals generate actionable insights, and can be your complete SEO toolset. Its most important features help with SEO insights, including rankings, keyword research, links, site crawling, page optimization, reporting, and even workflows.

6. Kissmetrics

Specifically, Kissmetrics helps you track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing to find more of your best clients and keep your current ones. Kissmetrics audience analytics features are invaluable. Use the data on their dashboards to create highly personalized communications to specific groups of visitors. You can nurture relationships by targeting people who are in the same stage of a funnel, for example. This tool is especially helpful in integrating analytics and automation functions.

7. Hotjar

Promoted as “ the fast & visual way to understand your users”, Hotjar offers heatmap functionality to help you truly understand mobile or website visitors. This way you can see where visitors are clicking, spending time, and interacting with your site. You can also use recordings to see where visitors click, tap, etc.

8. SEMrush

An all-in-one toolkit for marketing professionals, this platform can help with paid marketing, SEO, social media, content marketing, and marketing research. SEMRush allows you to keep an eye on your law firm’s competitors as well. Using the tool, you can monitor your brand, along with other law firms, to perform keyword analysis and test your options with the keyword difficulty tool. Use the domain vs. domain tool to see side-by-side comparisons between your site and your competitors.

9. Marketo

A comprehensive cloud platform that specializes in client engagement marketing and marketing management, it’s very helpful for account based marketing and marketing automation. It integrates with CRM systems to create marketing programs, and then offers a plethora of reporting and analytics so that you can slice and dice your data and better market to your audience.


The tools listed above are what we consider the top marketing analytics tools for law firms. Depending on your marketing goals and strategies, we suggest using one or more of these tools to help you decipher data and measure performance.

If you need some assistance deciphering findings, or even setting up analytics tools to properly track your firm’s campaigns or monitor your website, let us know. We can help you measure and make the most of your digital marketing efforts.

Updated and Republished from Jun 2, 2020

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