Author: Noreen Fishman

Law Firm SEO: 8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Practice Area Pages

One of the primary goals of search engine optimization (SEO) is to guide prospects to your law firm’s website, which includes your practice area pages. Your practice area pages communicate to potential clients what it is you do, how you can solve their problems, and other information about why they should get in touch with […]

How Law Firms Can Use Social Media to Boost Their Demand Generation Efforts

In a world where a hashtag can break a story and a tweet can shape an opinion, the power of social media remains unmatched. While the legal industry has been slow to adopt these digital landscapes, there’s a rising tide of attorneys and legal professionals who recognize social media’s sea change opportunity in demand generation. […]

Video Marketing Strategies for Law Firms in 2024

The role of video marketing has evolved significantly over the last decade, and many law firms have already recognized the power and potential it holds for client engagement and trust-building. In a digital era where visual content reigns, legal professionals can no longer afford to overlook the storytelling prowess of videos in their marketing toolkit. […]

Lead Scoring For Law Firms: Convert Prospects to Clients

In the competitive landscape of the legal industry, converting prospects into loyal clients stands as a crucial marker of a firm’s success. For a law firm, efficiently allocating resources to those prospects most likely to convert can feel like navigating a maze without a map. Enter lead scoring – a strategic tool lauded for its […]

Targeting the Right Audience for Your Law Firm on LinkedIn

Marketing a law firm on LinkedIn is not about casting a large net; it’s about using a spear to catch a specific audience fitting the firm’s niche. Lawyers often find themselves on LinkedIn, searching for new clients, networking opportunities, and industry insights. However, without targeted strategies, LinkedIn can become just another social media platform where […]

Account-Based Marketing: A Strategic Approach for Law Firms

In the competitive landscape of legal services, standing out among a sea of law firms requires more than just traditional marketing methods—enter Account-Based Marketing (ABM), a strategy that can revolutionize the way law firms attract and engage with high-value clients. This blog explores the nuances of implementing ABM in the context of law firm marketing. […]

The Pros and Cons of Demand Generation for Law Firms

If you follow our blog, then you know demand generation is a big deal for law firms. In our recent post, we covered some of the most common questions around demand generation marketing. However, there’s more to learn for even the most experienced legal marketing team. In this blog, we’re discussing the pros and cons […]

10 Essential Demand Generation Strategies for Lawyers

While convincing a prospect to take action is always the primary goal, it’s not going to happen unless you can accompany them on their journey from awareness to eventual conversion. In order for that to occur, potential leads must first be able to locate your firm. Then, to ensure you’re well-positioned to provide what they […]

8 Tips for Lawyers on Writing the Perfect Social Media Bio

When it comes to setting up a social media presence, one of the areas that most lawyers overlook is the bio section of the various social platforms. The bio section is often filled out almost without a thought, in haste, and rarely updated. This is a big mistake. Although it may seem like an afterthought, […]