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5 Ways to Boost Law Firm Webinar Attendance

by Kevin Vermeulen • November 5th, 2019 • Legal Marketing, Webinar Production & Promotion | Blog

law firm webinar attendanceWebinars are a great way for law firms to showcase the knowledge and experience of their lawyers, while also collecting qualified leads in order to grow their database. However, successfully promoting and executing a webinar can prove to be challenging for law firms, especially if you don’t generate the results that you were hoping for. In this post, we put together a list of 5 tips for increasing your law firm webinar attendance. 

Before we dive into specific strategies for driving attendance to webinars, it’s important to note that webinars are an important marketing tactic, even if you aren’t yet packing the room. Many people will download a recorded webinar if they can’t attend live, and webinar material offers options for evergreen content that you can reuse throughout your marketing plan. So, if you’ve had limited success before implementing these tactics – don’t be discouraged. Webinars are a smart use of time, and with these new strategies, they’ll be more beneficial than ever.

1. Make sure your topic resonates

You’d be surprised how many firms offer webinars on boring or overly promotional topics, then are disappointed that their registration numbers are low. It’s important to host webinars on valuable, helpful, and useful topics – not simply to share information about your practice. Get a real feel from lawyers on staff or your business development team about what clients ask about most often. Webinars that help to truly address a challenge will be more popular. Pro tip: when you market the webinar, frame the title in such a way that invitees understand how they are going to be helped – for example, “How to file for a patent” or “10 Things to consider when preparing for an IPO”.

2. Email marketing can work wonders.

Email consistently outperforms other digital channels when it comes to promoting webinars. It’s always worth noting that email is only going to be as effective as your list – so if you don’t have a great database, work on that first. Make sure you keep the copy casual and the graphics simple. Keep the message short but include concise bullets on exactly what attendees will learn. Finally, make sure you have a call-to-action at both the top and the bottom of the email template.

3. Work with a partner

Collaborating with another business is a great way to double your email list and promotional efforts. Consider other firms or companies that have services complementary to yours – without crossing over into competitive territory. Do your research on the potential partners and reach out to their marketing staff with a few ideas that could be equally beneficial for both your firm and their team. 

4. Advertise on social media platforms

You’ll reach a wider audience when you promote your webinar across more than one channel. Doing so using LinkedIn advertising can make a real difference – in fact digital marketing pundit Neil Patel says it’s the one thing he does to boost webinar attendance consistently. If you’re comfortable adding some marketing dollars to promotional efforts, the highly targeted advertising offered by LinkedIn is a good bet. You should also create short teaser videos and use that to advertise across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

5. Customize landing pages for conversion

If you want to really ramp up registrations, you need to drive to a landing page that’s designed for that purpose. Landing pages should provide a title (in big, bold lettering), clear details on the date, time, and how to register, and a short registration form that won’t deter people from filling it out. A nice touch is having a short speaker bio, but having a short list of benefits is essential. To take the page to the next level, include a short testimonial from someone who attended a past webinar. For more tips on landing pages – checkout our past post, A Guide to Creating Successful Law Firm Landing Pages.


Start by implementing these 5 tips for increasing your law firm’s webinar attendance, then tweak your strategy based on results over time. If you need help in developing a successful webinar strategy or need assistance in promoting a webinar to your target audience reach out to us. We can work with you to implement innovative webinar strategies that help ensure your webinars are having maximum impact with potential clients.




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