Law Firm Webinar Software ServicesLaw firm’s can utilize webinars as a unique form of content that provides value to clients and generates quality leads. However, while planning your webinar you’ll need to choose a hosting platform. While there are an overwhelming number of choices, we chose three of the best to compare in order to make your decision an educated one.


ON24 is the leader in webinar-based marketing strategies. Major companies like Deloitte, IBM, and the Legal Marketing Association use their services.They create webinars that have engagement capabilities like on-camera presenters, video clip integration, and live screen sharing. They also emphasize their mobile abilities – you can host or watch ON24 created webinars from your phone.

Analytics and CRM integration are two important functions for your webinar hosting platform. It’s essential to measure the success and be able to easily invite and follow-up with subscribers through your preexisting email automation systems.

Another benefit that sets ON24 apart is syndication. Once a webinar happens, your law firm should repurpose the content in the form of blog posts and other media. ON24 will not only continue hosting your recorded webinar for you, but they will allow you to edit and republish it in a multitude of ways.



You may be familiar with GoToMeeting for internal and remote meeting scheduling and screen sharing. However, they also host the platform GoToWebinar. This feature allows your firm to host both live webinars and schedule pre-recorded ones.

They also offer tools to create polls, integrate videos into your webinar, and an automated email template for your invites and follow-ups. GoToWebinar also includes real time analytics so you can see engagement and audience metrics while you’re presenting.

Pricing: Starts at $199/month for 500 webinar participants


Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a platform for online meeting collaboration, virtual classrooms, and large scale webinars. Similar to ON24, they allow for mobile hosting and participation. If your law firm has specific needs in terms of webinar features, Adobe Connect may be a good fit.

They allow you to extend functionality through apps that enable closed captioning, document signing, and social streaming during your webinar. If you have web development resources with the knowledge, your firm can actually customize webinar capabilities by building features on to Adobe Connect’s hosting platform.

Pricing: Starts at $130/month for 100 webinar participants


As you prepare your first webinar, choosing a hosting platform can be confusing. It’s clear that ON24, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Connect all offer viable services. ON24 offers the most valuable features if your firm has a large enough budget. GoToMeeting gives you a streamlined, easy-to-use experience and real time analytics. Adobe Connect allows you to customize many webinar functionalities if you have a web expert to do so.

All three sites allow you to host your webinar, the next step is deciding on a topic and creating a meaningful marketing plan to reign in your new leads.

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