twitter for legal vendorsIn addition to paid advertisements on Twitter, legal vendors can use this social media platform in many other ways to become part of lawyers’ conversations, promoting their businesses in the process. You will want to follow many of the same guidelines and advice that those in other industries should. However, target your techniques so your interactions focus around lawyers.

Finding Your Audience

To make your use of Twitter effective, you need to be sure that you can find the proper audience. This may prove to be challenging since not every law firm and lawyer will have a Twitter account. Twitter is one of the most popular forms of social media interaction, and since your clients are on there, you need to be as well. Start by following influencers in the world of law and some active lawyers and law firms, particularly those within your service area.

Listening to Conversations

Before you get too far along in your Twitter strategies, take some time to research by listening to the conversations that lawyers, other vendors, and anyone else in a related field have on Twitter. Create lists of the most popular topics and hashtags, so you know which will likely widen your audience. Your research should also involve reading the tweets of lawyers to determine what challenges they face or what they are looking for in a legal vendor. You can then use this information to create a strategy for offering solutions via your particular services or products.

Sharing Content

Once you have finished your research, start sharing content. To get and maintain followers on Twitter and get the interest of lawyers, you will need to regularly share content that matters. Some of this should be original content, but do not be afraid to share curated content, as well. Sharing content from multiple sources in addition to your own gives the impression that instead of a hard sell, you truly want to provide lawyers and law firms with the information that is useful and valuable for them. This will enhance your reputation, which will, in turn, make it more likely for lawyers to turn to you for services in the future. Use a variety of content to establish yourself as a thought leader, and you should begin to see more followers. Content like informational videos or infographics work particularly well when trying to engage with others on social media.

Join Conversations

In addition to sharing content, do not forget to join existing conversations, so you are truly a part of the law community on Twitter. Retweet and respond to interesting or innovative tweets. Offer advice on tweets where lawyers discuss challenges. This is also where hashtags come into play, so you want to always be aware of the trending hashtags in the world of law. We recommend using at least two relevant hashtags when sharing content on Twitter so that the right audience is able to find your tweets.


Twitter for legal vendors can be the optimal platform for learning more about your target customers’ challenges, establishing your business as a thought leader, and promoting your knowledge and products to the right audience. However, before you start tweeting you need to start by observing how the legal community interacts on the network and then develop a strategy that works for your business. If you’re a legal vendor that would like to reach your target audience on social media, contact us for help.

twitter for legal vendors