sell value to law firmsWhether you provide law firms with technology, software, or a service, you need to be able to sell value to a law firm in order to turn them into a client. Law firms are bombarded with offers every day to try new products and services and it can be frustrating for them to sift through what they really need. Rather than showcasing the product or service itself, legal vendors should focus on what they can do to help law firms overcome their existing challenges or needs. Instead of starting from scratch, take advantage of the advice from experienced legal vendors to figure out the best way to go about selling value to law firms.

Think Like a Law Firm

Start by following the rule of thumb any vendor needs to keep in mind: thinking like your client. You need to take some time to look at your company and its offerings from the point of view of a law firm. Put yourself in prospective clients’ shoes and think about what types of issues they are likely to face daily and how your product or service can help them. Does you product or service allow them to bill more hours? How will it make the attorney more efficient? How will it help them when they go trial? What problem will your product or service help the firm solve?  With a clear idea of the challenges law firms face, you can work to position your products or services as a solution to that problem. Remember, you want to focus on the benefits of your product or services, not the features.

Provide Free Resources That Add Value

There are many legal vendors out there, so you need to come up with something to help your company stand out from the crowd. Before you even try to sell to a firm, you need to generate awareness for your company. Keeping law firms’ challenges in mind, create content such as blog posts or case studies that relate to the products or services you offer. For example, a blog post might focus on how to improve the marketing of a law firm, but here’s the catch – free resources meant to help your prospects are not the place to sell your products yet. Focus on education and providing value.

Once your prospects are aware and are trying to make a decision about which product or service is best for them, then you can offer information that will help them make their decision and will enable them to understand why your product or service is the best solution. Perhaps offer a free trial of your software or a case study on how similar law firms benefited from your products.

Finally, once you do convert a law firm into a client buying your products or services, you need to continue to properly service them in order to retain their business. A fantastic way to do this is to continue to offer free resources that will add to the value you provide your clients. In the case of scheduling software, maybe add a free plugin for their websites that allows clients to schedule initial appointments. If you are a tech company, something like 24/7 support can provide value. You want to produce something you can give to the law firms that complements your product or service.


If you’re a legal vendor, hopefully you already feel passionate about your product or service and you believe that it really will help attorneys and the law firms themselves. However, this isn’t enough to make sales. In order to attract, convert, and delight your clients it is essential that you sell value to law firms first. Prove why your product or service is the best to solve their problems and law firms will be more likely to listen.