Author: Daniel Lopez

15 Tips to Optimize Law Firm Email Marketing Campaigns

Email has been an essential part of professional marketing since it was invented. Though tools have gotten more sophisticated and the best practices for using them have evolved, email is still one of the most effective marketing channels available. Because of that evolution, what worked 5 years ago no longer works today. There is more […]

How Law Firms Can Utilize the LinkedIn Insight Tag

In the competitive world of online marketing, law firms are increasingly seeking ways to cut through the noise and connect with potential clients authentically. One powerful tool that has been underutilized in the legal industry is the LinkedIn Insight Tag. This robust feature from LinkedIn enables precise tracking of website actions, paving the way for […]

16 LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices for Law Firms

With over 875 million users worldwide, LinkedIn’s social network reigns supreme for professional networking.  It’s essentially the only social media platform that combines thought leadership with a mostly professional audience, which makes it a great place for law firms. But success on LinkedIn isn’t guaranteed. To see success on the platform, law firms need to […]