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Are Expert Systems Ready for Prime Time in the Legal Market?

by Good2bSocial • July 15th, 2014 • Future of Law | Blog

expert systems for lawyersAmidst all the other competitive threats facing lawyers these days, expert systems are now emerging to play a more important role in the delivery of legal services. Up until fairly recently, expert systems were primarily being used by big law firms for document assembly or otherwise to help streamline the internal work process. But we’re now seeing a significant move by some law firms to deploy expert systems more directly in a client-facing context.

This week we’re pleased to launch a new feature on our website with our first roundtable discussion, which focuses on the use of expert systems in the legal market. We have a few leading lights in the field as panelists, including Marc Lauritson of Capstone Practice Systems, Rich Granat of SmartLegalForms, David Johnson former chairman of the EFF and Marcus Bluestein of Kraft & Kennedy.

Click here to hear what the experts have to say and please feel free to join the conversation as a guest with your own questions and comments. (This roundtable is powered by ReplyAll.)



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