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5 Reasons Law Firms Need a Content Marketing Strategy

by Kevin Vermeulen • October 9th, 2023 • Content Marketing | Blog

The legal industry is very unique in terms of marketing. For one thing, it’s highly competitive. Additionally, much of legal marketing relies oncontent marketing for law firms compelling content and thought leadership – that most legal professionals don’t have time to create. Plus, there are certain ethical and legal considerations that make creating legal content more complicated. 

Why is Content Marketing Important for Law Firms?

For those reasons plus others, it can be a truly daunting task to create thoughtful legal marketing content – but it’s a necessity. Content marketing is absolutely essential for any law firm or attorney who wants to generate web traffic and ramp up their leads. In case you need more convincing, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that legal organizations need web content marketing. 

  1. SEO matters (a lot) and content marketing improves it – Your website needs content, that much you know. Everything from the copy on your service pages to your blog tells prospects what your firm is about. All of that content also tells search engines what your firm can offer. Content provides that much-needed context to search engines so that they understand how trustworthy and valuable your site is. You’ll rank higher if search engines are able to quickly assess what services you offer, where you’re located, who you serve, etc. By having a better understanding of all of this, search engines know when to serve up your website during search inquiries. The more opportunities for that to happen, the better. Plus, your content provides lots of opportunities for implementing researched keywords so that you can rank even higher – thus attracting more traffic. 
  2. Great web content can attract backlinks Backlinks occur when other sites find your content useful and then link to it. Such links offer strong signals to Google and other search engines that your site is credible and valuable to others. Backlinks can also be a powerful source of referral traffic. The more valuable your content is, the more links you’ll attract. Concentrate on building high-quality, informative content for your audience, answering common questions. Another great way to encourage backlinks is to publish original research and statistics – these are often searched for and cited in other works. For example, an infographic or white paper that compiles information from real clients could be valuable in another person’s research. 
  3. Strong content drives social sharing – Here is where you want to get creative. Legal content doesn’t have to be stuffy. Consider creating short videos that explain complex topics, or putting together visually aesthetic infographics. Your goal is to create content that is so helpful, people feel the need to share it. Including social proof like testimonials and case studies are also helpful in getting real-life people to show your content to others. Make sharing easy by including share or post buttons where they are easily visible on all content, and being active on social media and YouTube. The more that your content is shared, the more traffic your site will receive. Note: the caveat here is strong content – not all content is worth sharing. Think about the information that is truly valuable, and who you’re trying to reach. If you stumbled upon your latest blog, would you share it? 
  4. Use conversion-optimized content for nurturing leads – Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of improving your content, website, or campaigns to convert visitors into leads. CRO practices will help you gain traffic and then turn that traffic into more qualified leads. Some of the basics are adding compelling calls-to-action on pages and posts, and making sure your website speed, navigation, and contact forms all operate quickly. Look for ways to personalize content so that you can increase on-site conversions and reach potential leads in new spaces. You can also use content to reach people who are in different stages with your firm – you can reach new leads with introductory content and send more tailored content to people who have already engaged with your firm. Make content a part of your overall lead nurturing strategy and you’ll see better results. 
  5. Informative content is better for your website’s authority – In the legal industry, what you know is crucial. Displaying what youcontent marketing for law firms know is an important part of gaining trust, both with prospects and with search engines. Things like client reviews, referrals, guest blogging, and other tactics are also helpful for improving overall website authority and reach. By publishing informative and educational content on your website, you can showcase your legal expertise and build trust with your audience and with search engines.

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Investing in great content will pay dividends over time. Creating a thoughtful content strategy will pay off in terms of increased visibility, traffic, brand awareness, and leads.  We encourage you to take the time to build out an intentional content strategy based on the specific niche you serve and the interests of your audience. If you need some support, we can help with all aspects of content marketing, from profiling audiences to refining your messaging and repurposing previous content. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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