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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Law Firm’s Content Creation

by Kevin Vermeulen • December 4th, 2023 • Content Marketing, Marketing Technology, SEO | Blog

Content creation is critical for most businesses, but especially for law firms. What you’re really selling is your expertise, knowledge, and credibility. The best way to do that is through valuable, high-quality content. The problem is that high-quality content takes serious resources. You need to research your topics, understand your audience, write and edit, optimize…Many professionals simply don’t have the time to do their job along with content creation.

If you understand the value of compelling content but don’t have the time (or the confidence in your skill set), you may want to consider outsourcing the process. According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 70% of companies now hire a specialist to create and distribute content. Here are some of the benefits you can experience from outsourcing content creation. 

1. Save time and money. 

This is probably the most compelling reason firms decide to outsource their content execution. You know how much regular posting requires. If you decide to try to save money by doing things internally, you’ll have staff using their time and resources on the process. Chances are, their time is worth more billing clients. Most content marketing agencies actually end up costing less on an hourly basis than your internal staff – and they can move a lot faster so that you can do more in less time. 

2. Spend more time on key business functions. 

Asking your staff to spend time on content creation takes them away from their usual duties. In a law firm, every hour that you’re not billing clients is impacting your bottom line. It’s not a very good business decision to pull your team away from the function that makes your firm money. Let content work in the background as the basis of your marketing, while your subject matter experts generate new engagements. 

3. Maintain a schedule. 

When you create content on your own, it’s hard to maintain focus and post consistently. You’re bound to have interruptions and other priorities that come up. However, a professional content creator will have no such distractions, and it’s easier for them to maintain a regular schedule and posting cadence. You can agree on deadlines that relate to firm goals and events, and your content creator will stick to these deadlines regardless of what else is happening in your firm. 

4. Improve brand positioning. 

No matter how strong your brand messages are, a professional writer who focuses on marketing will likely be able to hone your ideas and improve your brand voice. You can get content in exactly the style you want by having targeted messages and channels. Professional writers also understand how important brand tone is to content, so they’ll make it a focus in a way that’s harder for non-trained writers. 

5. Improve brand consistency. 

Along with the main themes of your messaging, a professional writer can keep your brand style consistent. You don’t want your audience to read a certain tone on your blog, and a completely different one on your social channels. Brand consistency allows readers to recognize your firm right away, and a skilled writer can make sure there is a high degree of uniformity in the content that’s created. 

6. Create valuable thought leadership. 

As we mentioned above, one of the best ways to gain trust and generate leads is to publish content that actually helps people. Content that is excellently written will present a better impression of your firm, boost your brand reputation, and position you as an industry leader. Professional content writers know how to follow best practices and standards and develop truly well-written content that not only promotes your firm but adds real value for your readers. 

7. Increase lead generation. 

Truly great content can actually create more leads for your firm. By positioning your firm as the solution to a reader’s challenges, along with the right call to action and other elements, great content will encourage prospects to take the next step. Whether that is signing up for a newsletter or reaching out for a consultation, impactful content will seamlessly push people to reach out to your firm in a more meaningful way (without being pushy or salesy). 

8. Reap the benefits of SEO. 

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and most people don’t truly understand the ranking signals that are used. A content writer can create well-written, specific content that is optimized for search using current best practices. The higher the quality of content, the more likely it is to boost your rankings and search results. Content can make a big difference in beating your competitors in search results, so it’s absolutely worth investing a bit more to produce content that will give you an edge. 


An effective content marketing approach is key to boosting your reputation and building connections, but it’s not easy. High-quality content that your audience appreciates and that contributes to search results can give you an edge over your competition – so it’s worth outsourcing if you don’t have the bandwidth to tackle it yourself. Though it does require some investments, outsourced content can save time and money in the long run, while contributing to your bottom line in multiple ways. If you’d like to get in touch with a highly qualified and knowledgeable writer whose experience is focused in the legal sector, reach out to our experts. Our staff can help you to produce compelling content that aligns with your strategy and generates leads.


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