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CRM Software for Law Firms: HubSpot & TikTok’s B2B Lead Generation Partnership

by Kevin Vermeulen • November 14th, 2023 • Digital Marketing, HubSpot, Social Media | Blog

HubSpot Two of the biggest heavy hitters in digital marketing recently announced a unique integration that can make a huge impact on B2B lead generation. Amidst rising customer acquisition numbers, the partnership between TikTok and HubSpot will help firms capture more leads and manage them with their CRM system. Here is how the integration will streamline B2B lead management and help law firms. 

HubSpot and TikTok Partner to Automate B2B Lead Capture

Customer acquisition costs continue to rise (according to HubSpot research, 53% of small or midsize businesses in the United States are seeing an increase) and TikTok is uniquely positioned to help. TikTok is a massive platform where a lot of people discover new brands, and integrating with HubSpot allows automated lead capture from the platform. This is a great step in turning an engaged audience into a real lead. 

Combining the transformative power of TikTok’s discoverability and HubSpot’s comprehensive customer platform is sure to help organizations make the most of an audience that is already engaged with their brand. 

The foundation of this integration is the HubSpot Smart CRM, which supports a unified customer experience across teams and offers actionable insights through intelligent workflows and analytics. Those already established with HubSpot’s CRM system can link their TikTok for Business account. Once connected, marketers can create lead-generation campaigns on TikTok that automatically sync leads into HubSpot’s CRM in real-time. In that way, all prospects are centralized and it should be simpler for firms to manage their sales funnel. 

Marketers can take things further by engaging with their new leads by using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. Users can see which campaigns generated the best results based on AI-powered data. 

Touted by HubSpot as the first integration of its time, the partnership offers new opportunities to drive growth. That’s because TikTok has an audience that is highly engaged. By automating the process of lead capture on TikTok with a native HubSpot integration, firms can unlock the value of community-based client acquisition. 

How to Use TikTok to Support Lead Generation

One of the best things about this integration is that it is no code, which means you don’t need a developer to take advantage of the new partnership. Use these steps to get started. 

  1. Set up a TikTok Business account: If you haven’t done so already, create a TikTok Business Account. This will provide you with access to TikTok Ads Manager and the necessary tools for lead generation.
  2. Create a lead generation campaign: In TikTok Ads Manager, create a lead generation campaign. Define your target audience, set your budget, and create compelling ads that will encourage users to provide their information.
  3. Configure the lead generation form: When setting up your ad, you’ll have the option to include a lead generation form. Customize the form fields to collect the information you need from your leads, such as name, email, and phone number.
  4. Connect TikTok to HubSpot CRM: To integrate TikTok with HubSpot CRM in the easiest way, we suggest using a third-party tool like Zapier or Integromat. These platforms allow you to create automated workflows between different apps, including TikTok and HubSpot CRM.
  5. Set up the integration: When you have an integration platform, follow the instructions to connect TikTok and HubSpot CRM. You’ll need to authorize access to both accounts and specify the data you want to sync.
  6. Map the fields: After completing the integration, you’ll need to map the fields from the TikTok lead generation form to the corresponding fields in HubSpot CRM. This ensures that the collected data is correctly transferred and stored in your CRM system.
  7. Test the integration: Before launching your first leads campaign, make sure to test the integration thoroughly. Submit a test lead through your TikTok ad and verify that the data is being properly captured and transferred to HubSpot CRM. If it’s not, troubleshoot and try again. 
  8. Monitor and manage leads: Once your campaign is live, regularly monitor your leads in HubSpot CRM. Ensure that the data is being captured accurately and create lead-nurturing communications to continue to engage. 


If you are a HubSpot CRM user who also dabbles in TikTok, then making the most of this integration is a no-brainer. Many people use TikTok to discover information, including companies they want to work with, and now you can take advantage of that engagement by automatically creating and saving leads. If you have questions on how to complete the integration – or anything related to HubSpot or TikTok – reach out to our marketing technology consultants. They understand all of these digital platforms at a deeper level, so that you don’t have to, and they can support your next steps.


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