Author: Kevin Vermeulen

Developing Your Law Firm’s Video Marketing Strategy

Video is becoming the most important type of content in the digital landscape. Businesses are investing more of their resources into creating compelling video content – and for good reason. Since the pandemic, online media consumption has increased by 215% – with audiences spending an average of 19 hours a week watching videos. If you […]

What’s in the HubSpot CRM that Can Benefit Law Firms?

HubSpot was designed as a simple and user-friendly tool. Over time, their CRM capabilities have evolved, making HubSpot a more robust platform for organizations who are serious about managing their data. Just what is in HubSpot CRM? How can it help your law firm? What Does HubSpot Capture (Data Schema)? How exactly is the HubSpot […]

It’s Time to Prioritize SEO for Law Firms. Here’s Why.

Does your law firm give Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the respect it deserves? SEO is the most powerful digital marketing tool lawyers and law firms can leverage today. Make effective use of these tactics, and you’ll connect with potential clients just as they’re researching the very legal services you offer. Ignore SEO, and you’ll most certainly […]

How to Use Internal Linking to Boost Page Authority

High-quality content isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to SEO. Inbound links are also a major element of a successful SEO strategy. Many digital marketers treat a linking strategy like an afterthought, when it actually requires a proactive and intentional approach. If you have questions on precisely how to leverage internal linking […]

How to Repurpose Blog Posts for SEO Value

One of the best ways to do more with less is to repurpose content. That doesn’t mean simply copying and pasting copy into different platforms though. Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose the content that you’ve spent valuable time and effort on.  Why Repurpose Content?  When it comes down to it, repurposing […]

A Guide to Posting on Threads

Threads is the latest social media app to gain popularity, and since its creation many law firms have joined the app. However, many still wonder what they should post on the app and what type of content will perform best.  Post Ideas For Law Firms On Threads 1. Ask a Question The best way to […]

10 Effective Digital Marketing KPIs For Law Firms

One of the many challenges of digital marketing is gauging whether your current strategy is working or not. Without using KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, you will only be getting vague estimates and no clear picture if your firm’s goals are really being achieved. Tracking your online presence and trajectory using KPIs will ensure that […]

How to Use Threads: 10 Best Practices for Success

Since its creation, Threads has taken the world by storm. On July 3rd, the Threads app hit the app store. Created by the Instagram team and backed by Meta, the app aimed to replace Twitter by becoming the new ‘virtual town square’.  Since Threads’ creation, many questions have arisen from law firms who have chosen […]