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How to Use Evernote to Streamline Law Firm Marketing Ideas and Activities

Evernote for law firms Whether you’re a solo attorney doing your own marketing or the head of a large law firm marketing department, the ideas and activities and follow-ups come fast and furious. You need an application that you can access at your desk and on the go to record ideas as they occur and […]

6 Ways Law Firms Can Use Video To Enhance SEO

Video content on the web is more popular than ever, and its prevalence is only expected to rise as time goes on. As connection speeds and processors get faster, more and more brands are choosing video as their preferred method for getting their message out to the masses. Audiences, too, choose video as their favorite […]

How SEO Can Help Lawyers with Reputation Management

Reputation Management for Law Firms Reputation management should be an integral part of your law firm’s online presence. Without a strategy for managing the online reputation of your firm’s brand, the image you present to potential clients is at the mercy of the Internet. Just a single negative comment can do tremendous damage if it […]

Remarketing Vs. Retargeting: What's the Difference?

Search Engine Marketing for Lawyers When you get into the digital marketing world you’re bound to run across terms that are unfamiliar. Two terms that generate a lot of questions in search engine marketing for lawyers are retargeting and remarketing. Both are used to describe the idea of connecting with visitors to your law firm’s […]

A Lawyer’s Call to Marketing

Where do law firms turn to find the expert talent to lead their marketing initiatives and grow business? Sometimes they are able to reach within and find a lawyer from their own ranks to step up and answer the call. This was the case for Gretchen Koehler, CMO of global litigation funding firm Bentham IMF. […]

Using Social Media to Enhance Your Law Firm’s Client Service

With the advent of social media, client dissatisfaction can be communicated in a much more expedited and public way than in the past. A client can simply go to one of many review sites like Yelp or Google and publish a negative review for the world to read. Unhappy clients can also let their Twitter […]

Five Digital Marketing Books that Legal Marketers Should Read

As we near the end of the year and start thinking about the holidays and winter vacations, I thought it would be valuable to share a list of books on digital marketing that I read this year. In my humble opinion, these books are must reads for marketers looking to revamp or enhance their digital […]

6 Tips to Find the Best SEO Consultant For Lawyers

Finding the right SEO consultant for lawyers can seem like a daunting task. It’s difficult to tell one from another. Most seem to say the same thing and promise the same kind of results. Choosing the right one can mean a steady stream of new clients, but making a wrong choice can lead to questionable results […]

Standing Out in a Crowd: Marketing Your Law Firm’s Knowledge

Thought Leadership for Lawyers One of a law firm’s most valuable assets is its lawyers’ accumulated knowledge base. Yet a law firm marketer’s greatest challenge is how to effectively mine that resource to promote the law firm’s thought leadership to a larger audience of prospective clients. What happens when the attorneys actually insert themselves into […]

Taking Your Law Firm Live – Facebook Live

Facebook, has built a new live-streaming platform that allows its users to create their own unique video anytime and anywhere. We’ve mentioned how video is becoming more and more important for increasing SEO and building brand trust. Now, let’s explore how law firms use Facebook Live to engage with their audience and what other benefits it may […]