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How to Use Evernote to Streamline Law Firm Marketing Ideas and Activities

by Tim Baran • February 1st, 2017 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Evernote for law firms

Evernote-law-firmsWhether you’re a solo attorney doing your own marketing or the head of a large law firm marketing department, the ideas and activities and follow-ups come fast and furious. You need an application that you can access at your desk and on the go to record ideas as they occur and to store information to flesh out those ideas. And you need it all in one place. 

Sure, you can use Google Docs or Sheets for some things, a pen and lambskin notebook for others, or any of the myriad note-taking applications. But trying to locate those ideas and projects later becomes a logistical nightmare. Choose one application, like Evernote, for easy storage and retrieval and increased efficiency and productivity. 

What is Evernote?

Evernote is a note-taking and information management application that syncs across the desktop, browser, and mobile devices. It’s one of the applications we highlighted in 9 Free Tools to Help You Become a Better Blogging Lawyer. I like to say that it’s a place to offload your brain so you don’t have to remember everything. 

Evernote is organized by Notebooks (folders) and Notes (files). Go ahead and download the free version and start organizing your marketing efforts. 

How to use Evernote

Website content – Create a “practice area” notebook and store each description in a separate note. Same with firm bios, and any information that goes on your firm’s website. Edit as needed so when you meet with the marketing agency that handles your website copy, you’ll already have the latest updated content ready to go. 

Blog post ideas Blogging helps to establish you as a thought leader in your field and as a trusted resource for potential clients and referral sources. And, if you’re a solo trying to get a blog post out every week or a marketing department team helping lawyers come up with ideas, gather information, and craft outlines, Evernote is indispensable.

Create a “Blog” notebook and within that notebook, a note for each blog post idea. Then add images and reference sources to each note so that when you sit down to write a post or help craft one, you’re armed with all the information you need. 

Ebook compilations – Ebooks and white papers are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and gather leads. But it takes some effort. Ease some of the burden by jotting down notes and ideas or compiling blog posts to include as you go along. Then, when you’re ready to write the book, it becomes more about editing and assembling, rather than the daunting task of writing a 7,000-word electronic tome.

Case studies and testimonials – Law firms help illustrate their abilities and creative solutions with case studies and testimonials. But don’t wait until you sit down to compose the thing. Record ideas, information, and feedback as they occur. 

You’ve probably identified a theme here around using Evernote to create and manage content: Preparation. It makes the task of generating ideas, compiling information, and completing each project so much easier.

Weekly and monthly marketing meetings – Marketing teams routinely meet weekly or monthly to provide updates and discuss strategy. So much is missed when you don’t adequately prepare, the bane of busy professionals. Evernote helps solve this. Always have a note open to record ideas you want to discuss or suggestions from teammates or articles you read. 

Procedures and processes – Whether you’re a large team with complicated marketing automation tools like Pardot and Salesforce or a small office using Buffer and MailChimp, you need to document a set of procedures to be consistent and complete in your efforts, and so that institutional knowledge is maintained regardless of who’s around. 

Telephone calls – Ever lost the piece of paper you furiously scribbled on during a call? We all have. Instead, before each meeting open your “Meetings” folder and create a new note and start typing. This is invaluable. 

These ideas scratch the surface of how you can use Evernote to keep on top of your day to day marketing efforts. Others include webinar notes and scripts, to-do lists, presentations, social media strategy and content, advertising copy, checklists, and so on. Get into the habit of using Evernote for your law firm marketing ideas and activities.



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