Author: Robert Sztybel

A Lawyer’s Call to Marketing

Where do law firms turn to find the expert talent to lead their marketing initiatives and grow business? Sometimes they are able to reach within and find a lawyer from their own ranks to step up and answer the call. This was the case for Gretchen Koehler, CMO of global litigation funding firm Bentham IMF. […]

The 7 Most Important Ranking Factors for Law Firm Websites

How do search engines determine the relevancy of your firm’s website? We all understand the basics of how Internet search engines work. We type in words, phrases or questions, and the search engine returns a list of results that it deems relevant to what we are searching for. However, most marketers and lawyers do not […]

Standing Out in a Crowd: Marketing Your Law Firm’s Knowledge

Thought Leadership for Lawyers One of a law firm’s most valuable assets is its lawyers’ accumulated knowledge base. Yet a law firm marketer’s greatest challenge is how to effectively mine that resource to promote the law firm’s thought leadership to a larger audience of prospective clients. What happens when the attorneys actually insert themselves into […]

What are Twitter and LinkedIn Best Practices for Law Firms?

When we released The Social Law Firm Index 2016 last month, one of the key observations we uncovered in our study was how leading firms have evolved in their use of social media. At our recent The Social Law Firm Webinar, the discussion turned to the topic of Twitter and LinkedIn best practices for law […]

Why Long-Tail Keywords Are Important For Law Firm SEO

Most law firms and website owners understand the concept of a keyword as it pertains to websites and search engines. When it comes to law firm SEO, however, many legal marketers fail to understand the difference between keywords and long-tail keywords. If you’re not making efforts to optimize your website for both, you are missing […]

A Lawyer’s Take on New Age Business Development

Case Study: Joshua Brinen, Brinen & Associates “Meet people; press flesh; get gigs.” According to Joshua Brinen, the age-old process of marketing and lead generation for lawyers hasn’t changed much throughout the years. Yet the entire dynamic of how lawyers like Brinen are meeting people and “pressing flesh” has changed dramatically. When he started Brinen […]

Attaining Thought Leadership by using Social Media

How a former practicing lawyer used social media to reinvent his career. When Mark Cohen first embarked on the voyage that led to his formation of Legal Mosaic, he was an accomplished, prominent civil trial lawyer with a unique perspective on the global legal landscape and the increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory challenges confronting attorneys and […]

The Social Law Firm Index 2016: Is Your Firm a Social Law Firm?

The results are in and we at Good2bSocial are very excited to announce the release of the 2016 Social Law Firm Index. This study analyzes the use of social media and digital marketing at America’s largest law firms. Although our analysis focused on the firms that comprise the AmLaw 100, our study reveals some very interesting […]